Animal Care Facility; Hospital Vs. Clinic

Jan 16, 17 Animal Care Facility; Hospital Vs. Clinic

An animal hospital and a veterinary hospital are essentially the same, the same holds true with an animal clinic and a veterinary clinic; they too are very similar. The difference is not between the words “animal” and “veterinary,” it is between the words hospital and clinic.

Full service animal hospital:

What does the term “full service animal hospital” really mean?

Many pet owners are of the impression that it has something to do with size, that has an element of truth but there is much more than that. The difference lies in the services that are available, Bucktown animal hospitals offer more services and more sophisticated services than animal clinics. Just like a human hospital, there must be room for an extended stay in the event your pet is seriously injured or very ill. An animal hospital will have facilities that allow for extensive animal care and you can expect to see a wide array of in-house diagnostic equipment and surgical facilities.

What to expect from an animal clinic:

A typical clinic may provide similar services that are found in Bucktown animal hospitals but not on the same grand scale. Clinics tend to focus more on preventative care, of course the vet will diagnose problems but in many cases they will use outside labs for blood work, stool and urine testing, etc. As these tests are routinely done in-house in a hospital setting, the results are instant, not necessarily true in a clinic setting.

What’s important to the pet owner is the quality of care. Although the facilities are less, clinics as well as animal hospitals still enjoy extremely capable veterinarians and staff. Clinics will have formed associations with animal hospitals in the immediate area that will accommodate referrals, no different than your primary health care professional.

From a pet owner’s point of view, the beauty of Bucktown animal hospitals is the fact that they are full service. You are invited to take your pet to Village West Veterinary for a full range of professional services. Contact for more details.