How to Know When Your Child Needs Emergency Care

Sep 04, 17 How to Know When Your Child Needs Emergency Care

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When your child is sick or injured, it can be easy to overreact, especially for first-time parents. How do you really know when your child is bad enough to be rushed to pediatric emergency care in Summerville, SC? The following situations warrant a trip to the ER. Anything less should be handled by their primary doctor. High Fever If your child is 3 months or older with a fever of 104 degrees Fahrenheit and shows symptoms such as constant crying, breathing issues, lethargy, seizures or throwing up, it’s time to head to the hospital. With infants under 3 months of age, watch for a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher taken with a rectal thermometer. Their immune systems aren’t yet full strength, and they may have an infection their body is too young to fight off. Dehydration from Diarrhea or Vomiting Diarrhea and vomiting aren’t too worrisome on their own, but when your child has lost too many fluids, there can be cause for concern. For example, if your child has no tears when he or she cries, hasn’t urinated in six hours or more, can’t keep any fluids down or has blood mixed with their vomit or stool, they should see pediatric emergency care in Summerville, SC. Other things to watch for are lethargic children who feel and look terrible and a sunken soft spot on your infant’s head. Heavy Bleeding You can probably handle routine cuts and bruises at home, but if your child cuts themselves through the flesh or to the bone, you’ll need to seek emergency care. Also, head for the ER if a wound doesn’t stop bleeding after 15 minutes of pressure. Your little one will likely need stitches. Breathing Struggles While a stopped up nose from a cold isn’t a problem, when children start struggling to take a real breath, you should seek help. If your child stops breathing, starts turning blue or is choking on food or another obstruction, you need to call 911 right away. Watch...

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Determining the Possibility of a Sinus Infection in Allentown PA

Aug 29, 17 Determining the Possibility of a Sinus Infection in Allentown PA

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If a person has suffered from a sinus infection in the past, they know how unpleasant these can be. For starters, it is much worse than a simple stuffy nose. Not underestimating Sinus Infection in Allentown PA is the first step people should take. Understanding sinus infections When an infection takes place in the nasal cavity and spreads to the sinuses, the latter are inflamed and become infected. This issue is better known as “sinusitis”. With a clogged nose, purulent discharge, headaches, sinusitis is sometimes difficult to treat and can become chronic. What are the treatments and what is the difference between a sinusitis and a simple cold? Headaches, stuffy nose, and nasal discharge are all symptoms of a Sinus Infection in Allentown PA. Sinus infections can be of an allergic origin or due to a virus, a bacterium, or a fungus. When it lasts a few weeks, doctors may consider the issue “acute sinusitis” but if it lasts for several months, then it is a form of chronic sinus infection. This problem affects between 5 and 15% of the nation. What occurs during a sinus infection? The sinuses are small cavities filled with air, dug in the facial part of the bones of the skull. These sinuses are eight in number, four on each side of the face. The best known are the maxillary sinuses. They are located under the eyes, on both sides of the nose. Above the eyes, there are the frontal sinuses. Between the two eyes, there are the ethmoid sinuses. And at the bottom, located in the middle of the skull, are the sphenoidal sinuses. What are the main functions of sinuses? When breathing, air enters through the nose and reaches the sinuses. The sinuses serve to moisten the air, to warm it, and to filter it. To play their role, they must be clear. They are also lined with a ciliated mucosa. The movement of nose hairs and the secretion of mucus allow the body to eliminate any...

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Sidestep the Major Side Effects of Prescription Stimulants with Herbal Alternatives

Aug 08, 17 Sidestep the Major Side Effects of Prescription Stimulants with Herbal Alternatives

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Whether it’s for the treatment of conditions like Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) or to enable adults to increase their energy, improve focus and power through workouts to achieve greater weight loss, Americans love their energy-boosters. Unfortunately, stimulant drugs have some of the most severe side effects. Side Effects that Leave Parents Scared These adverse effects can also be faced by users who are older, especially those who have been taking these medications consistently for a long period of time. Reported side effects of medications like Ritalin and Adderall include: Chest pains and heart disease with continued use Insomnia and resulting fatigue Anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation Eating disorders, abdominal pain, and digestive system damage Inhibition of growth With all of these possible side effects, it’s no wonder, so many parents seek to avoid treatment for their children with these medications. The Herbal Difference Luckily for concerned parents, there are more natural alternatives. Addrena is one of the several available herb-based supplements, and therefore Addrena side effects are different, less numerous and far less severe than those of prescription stimulants. This is not to say that there are no potential side effects for Addrena users. Some of the most common among these include: Headache Dizziness Sleep disturbance Appetite loss Less common side effects include mild to moderate chest pain and increase in the symptoms of depression and anxiety. This is magnified with misuse, such as overdosing, taking Addrena with other stimulants such as caffeine, and taking the medication on an empty stomach or later in the day when sleep disruption is more likely. Avoiding these risk factors means greatly reducing the likelihood that users will suffer from these possible Addrena side effects. Ultimately, it’s nearly impossible to take a stimulant medication without some kind of side effects. For the best possible outcome, a physician should always be consulted when considering a new medication, and those with known sensitivities to the herbal ingredients in drugs like Addrena should use extreme caution or avoid...

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Personal Training in Meridian Can Change Lives

Jul 31, 17 Personal Training in Meridian Can Change Lives

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Working out is never easy, even for individuals who have regularly exercised for years. Doing the same routines over and over again can get monotonous and often leads to a plateau in weight loss or muscle growth. To find the inspiration to keep pushing forward and consistently hit goals, one needs only to look into professional Personal Training in Meridian. Not Just for Fitness Enthusiasts Many average gym goers can get discouraged by even the thought visiting the gym because they are afraid of being judged by others. A personal trainer makes it their mission to build their client’s self confidence and help them focus strictly on their goals. Regardless of whether a person can bench 200 pounds or just the bar, these “teachers” will help them become stronger both physically and mentally. The Perfect Trainer for Each Client The hardest part of working out is sticking with it. Gyms like Jack City Fitness have trainers who will guide their clients in whatever manner they need so that they find the willpower to overcome any obstacles. That is why they have made detailed information about each trainer easily accessible on Getting Started is Easy to Do Once an individual has figured out which trainer fits them best, they can go online to schedule a free consultation. There is also a full listing of each available class so that interested individuals can get an idea of what fits best within their schedule. After the first visit, one can either directly schedule their next session with the trainer or sign up for a class to discover what the others have to offer. Finding a Gym That’s Right for You People who are unsure of where to find the proper Personal Training in Meridian need only read the reviews and testimonials found online. These are posts from both average and avid gym goers, providing a fairly well-rounded sampling of society. Not only will this give the reader some idea of what a gym atmosphere is like,...

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Turning to a Walk In Clinic in Maui for Allergies

Jul 19, 17 Turning to a Walk In Clinic in Maui for Allergies

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Respiratory allergies may result in breathing “whistles”. This is often the case in babies under one year of age. No matter the age or disposition, people should visit a Walk In Clinic in Maui if they are having breathing issues due to allergies. Not all breathing whistles are synonymous with allergies, though. In small children, many of them are due to infectious causes, for example, bronchiolitis could be caused by a respiratory syncytial virus. The hypersecretion of mucus can trigger an asthmatic irritative cough, as well. Abdominal pain Food allergies are common in young children, including allergies to cow’s milk and are often a source of abdominal pain. Nevertheless, colitis is common in infants and often does not have an allergic origin. Allergies to cereals, wheat, and rice can induce diarrhea and cause a break in the weight curve. The possibility of a specific allergy to a certain food will be evoked if diarrhea persists and a history of allergies exists in the family or if the patient presents, moreover, manifestations of a skin allergy. Chronic constipation, however, can occur in people who are allergic to cow’s milk. Redness of the skin Allergic urticaria appears fairly soon after contact with a drug (penicillin, aspirin) or food (strawberries, crustaceans). The skin is covered with red or pink patches that are swollen and embossed (papules). This is something that most people want to scratch. Papules often disappear within an hour, but others can appear throughout the body. Urticaria is not serious, but folks should visit a Walk In Clinic in Maui promptly if it manifests on the face and around the mouth. This is because the allergic reaction can spread to the throat and threaten routine breathing. Contact eczema Contact dermatitis usually affects adults and involves an eruption of red patches, small fluid-filled pimples (vesicles), which causes very high pruritus and appear on the skin two to three days after coming into contact with an allergen. However, dry and irritated skin is often the sign of...

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