Considering Options for Dental Bridges in Westbury, NY

Oct 19, 15 Considering Options for Dental Bridges in Westbury, NY

Dental bridges in Westbury NY are devices that help to replace teeth that are lost due to accident or some type of decay. What makes this option a little different is that a bridge connects to the teeth on each side. There are several options to consider with this approach, and the dentist will want to discuss each one before any decisions are made. Here are some examples.

The Type of Bridge

Many people are surprised to learn that Dental Bridges in Westbury, NY come in more than one variety. A fixed tooth bridge fills in the gap with the use of some type of bonding agent. A cantilevered bridge uses wiring to connect the fake tooth to health teeth on each side. There are pros and cons associated with each approach, so the dentist will want to make sure the patient is aware of what to expect. Once the decision is made, the work can get underway quickly.

The Color of the Bridge

The goal is to match the color of the dental bridge with the natural hue of the teeth. Some people like the idea of undergoing a teeth cleaning prior to determining the hue for the bridge. Doing so helps to ensure the match is just right. That in turn will mean the bridge will look more natural when the individual smiles.

The Care and Maintenance of a Bridge

Like any type of imitation tooth, the bridge will require some amount of care and maintenance. The dentist can provide specifics based on the type of bridge selected. In many cases, the changes in the dental hygiene routine will be minimal. That makes it easier to clean the bridge along with the remaining natural teeth.

For patients who are interested in learning more about dental bridges and other types of dental work, Contact us today and schedule an appointment. After an examination, the dentist can go over the findings and what type of work would be in the best interests of the patient. With a little time and effort, any problems with the teeth can be resolved, and the patient will once again be happy with the way they look.