Tips on Selecting the Safest Sunscreen

Apart from giving you that all-too-easy-to-remember scent of the beach, sunscreen is meant to do several things. It helps to keep this in mind when looking to select a truly safe sunscreen lotion. A good choice will: Prevent the sun’s UV radiation from reaching your skin (UVA and UVB) which cause the skin to age prematurely and put you at risk for skin cancer Improve moisture levels in the skin by featuring beneficial ingredients that can protect from sun damage while also locking in moisture Prevent discoloration of the skin that is often a direct result of sun exposure And while many say that sunscreen is also a suntan lotion, it is not. Truly safe sunscreen lotion is going to be designed to do those things listed above. When a product is touted as an agent to offer “safe” tanning, it is not entirely accurate. There is no such thing as safe exposure to UV rays that cause the skin to react. This is why most lotions feature SPF or sun protection factor. The higher the number, the better the protection. SPF is what blocks the UVB rays and when you are using a higher SPF, such as SPF 50, it can keep out almost 99 percent of the rays. Yet for a product to be a truly safe sunscreen lotion, it has to be made with safe ingredients that can remain safe even if you make multiple applications throughout a day. As the experts at tell us, “First, no sunscreen, regardless of strength, should be expected to stay effective longer than two hours without reapplication. Second, ‘reddening’ of the skin is a reaction to UVB rays alone and tells you little about what UVA damage you may be getting. Plenty of damage can be done without the red flag of sunburn being raised.” Essentially, everyone needs to find and use a safe sunscreen lotion that is free of potentially harmful agents and also does not harm our environment. Many lotions are made...

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What Orthopedic Doctors in Panama City, FL Can Do for You

Feb 26, 18 What Orthopedic Doctors in Panama City, FL Can Do for You

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When most people get sick or are injured, they head straight to their primary care doctor for help. This makes sense, as that is the doctor who is most familiar with your health and fitness, but when he or she is unable to help you, they will likely refer you to a specialist. While you have likely heard of orthopedic doctors, you may be wondering what it is that they do and how they can help with your pain or injuries. They Can Help with Pain Management When most people are in pain, they simply take medication and try to mask the discomfort, but seeing orthopedic doctors in Panama City, FL can greatly reduce the amount of time that you are in pain and shorten your healing time. These doctors can treat all sorts of problems, including sprained ankles, limited spinal mobility, and painful joints. If you are having trouble moving and aren’t able to heal on your own, visiting an orthopedic doctor may be the smart thing to do. They Can Perform Surgery This is usually the last resort for most people, but if you need a hip replacement, are unable to heal from a musculoskeletal injury, or have problems with your back that you are unable to fix, you may need surgery. Orthopedic doctors will treat your condition the best they can before resorting to surgery, but sometimes this is needed for you to fully heal. Picking a skilled doctor will ensure that your surgery goes smoothly and is successful. If you are unable to heal from an injury or your doctor refers you to an orthopedic doctor, you should be excited knowing that you are on the path to healing. The experts at Panhandle Orthopaedics know how stressful this time is and are happy to talk you through the various treatment options to ensure that you are comfortable with the process and on the road to feeling better every...

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The Lesser Known Medical Careers: Naturopathic Medicine

The American Association of Naturopathic Medicine defines naturopathic medicine as a particular division of primary medical care which promotes the prevention of disease and the general acquisition of good health via methods which bolster an individual’s natural self-healing process. A few core practices form a strong foundation for the philosophy of naturopathic medical care: nature’s healing ability, the consideration of the whole person rather than a single organ system, and the role of a practitioner as a teacher. There are a number of ways that an individual passionate about holistic health care can practice naturopathic medicine. A few of these are outlined below. Careers in Naturopathic Medicine * With naturopathic schools across North America, students can become an ND, a doctor of naturopathic medicine. * According to the International Association of Natural Health Practitioners, a Registered Natural Health Practitioner (RNHP) is an expert in natural health equipped to guide and educate others in the practice of natural health. * A registered naturopathic counselor (RNC) completes coursework in anatomy and physiology, nutrition, herbal studies, basic chemistry, and others, also working with clients to promote the principles of naturopathic care in the prevention of disease. Flexible Education For those unable to physically attend one of North America’s naturopathic schools, online programs and certifications also exist for the ultimate in flexibility without compromising the quality of education. For example, the Primitius Institute for Natural Medicine offers a series of self-study programs for certification. In addition to the designations and careers mentioned above, the practice of naturopathic medicine places great interest on continuing education, and for good reason! As the practice of nature’s best preventative practices, naturopathic medicine is advancing as quickly as nature is changing. With new discoveries come new and better ways to assist clients who seek optimum health and wellness. This emphasis on continuing education ensures that practicing natural health professionals can be at the forefront of learning the best ways to guide their clients towards the fulfillment of their...

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Types of Senior Home Health Care that are Available to Elderly Individuals

Feb 22, 18 Types of Senior Home Health Care that are Available to Elderly Individuals

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As people age, they require more care than they have in the past. They often require assistance with grooming, moving around, or reminders to take their medication. In some cases, seniors may need help in preparing meals, house cleaning, and transportation to appointments. It is unavoidable that eventually, an elderly person will need the services required to help them maintain a happy and healthy life. When this occurs, it can be challenging for the family to make the adjustments to ensure their loved one is receiving the care they need. Fortunately, there are various facilities and services available when an elderly person requires senior home health care in Long Island, NY. Services Offered At home care is available for elderly individuals that do not require 24-hour care but need assistance with completing daily tasks such as grooming, housekeeping or preparing meals. Assisted living in a facility that allows the individual to live on their own with medical personnel on site to aid the elderly person if they require help. Senior home health care in Long Island, NY is available for individuals that retain independent living that needs assistance with transportation to and from appointments, shopping, or paying bills. Nursing home facilities provide more intensive care for individuals that dependent on help around the clock and require more than one person to help move them. Find the Right Care for Your Loved One Today Long Island Family & Elder Care understands how difficult it is for a family to decide what type of healthcare their loved one needs. That is why they offer the support and compassion you need to make a well-educated decision in selecting the right health care services for your parent. You can obtain the information that you need to know what type of services are available and how they can benefit your family...

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Ensure Your Spine Stays Healthy with Quality Spine Treatment in Arlington

It is important for everyone to maintain good health at all times. Most of the time people think they have the right information or they fully understand what it means to take care of their physical wellbeing. Unfortunately, people fall short sometimes, especially when it comes to sensitive areas such as the spine. A damaged spine can lead to pain and hurting in other parts of the body if you do not seek spine treatment in Arlington, TX. Benefits of a Healthy Spine A healthy spine enables you to twist and bend without any issues. When the spine gets injured, it affects your mobility. If you fail to seek treatment for the issue, it could lead to difficulty in bending, sitting, standing and moving. The nervous system runs up and down the spine. If by chance you suffer an injury which affects your nervous system, it could lead to disability in some parts of your body. A damaged or injured spine affects the quality of your life negatively. Apart from spinal injuries being painful, they deny you a chance to enjoy important activities as well, especially if the injuries are severe. Relief and Timely help Due to the sensitivity of spine injuries, you need a professional doctor to take care of you. Look for a doctor who is experienced and fully trained in treating spine and musculoskeletal pain. There are various treatments available to help you obtain the relief that you need and deserve. Each patient is different, so you will have a customized treatment plan that is specific to your needs. Visit ZEN Interventional Pain & Wellness Center today for a consultation, to learn about spine treatment options that are available. You will be glad that you...

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