Acupressure Massage In Cedar Rapids Iowa Can Give You The Relief You Need

Nov 16, 17 Acupressure Massage In Cedar Rapids Iowa Can Give You The Relief You Need

When pain develops in the body or disease targets a specific part of the body, Acupressure Massage in Cedar Rapids Iowa might provide the relief you need. Taking medication to mask a condition doesn’t fix it. Acupressure combined with massage can open the channels within the body with no use of medications. Acupressure is based on age-old Chinese medicine and follows the same theory as acupuncture without the needs. Acupuncture has been known to treat pain, depression, and a variety of other diseases. Meridians are channels in the body and help energy travel freely throughout the body.

Pressure Points

There are twelve major meridians that connect the organs and help communication throughout the body. Each organ is associated with a specific meridian, and when one becomes blocked, pain or disease will start. Pressure points can be located by a massage therapist who can open the area, so energy begins to flow freely again.

Clothes Can Remain On

When an individual has an acupressure session, they are usually fully clothed on a massage table. A practitioner will press gently on the sore points of the body to relieve the blockage. The main goal of the session is to restore the balance and health in the body’s channels of energy.

What Are Common Acupressure Points?

There are many acupressure points on the body, but the most common are the large intestine, liver, and spleen. The large ingesting is the soft and fleshy web located between the thumb and the forefinger. The liver point is the between the big toe and next toe. The spleen is about three finger widths above the inner ankle bone.

Other Conditions Acupressure Can Help

Individuals who suffer from anxiety, depress, arthritis, and nausea can usually feel beneficial results from an acupressure session. Acupressure helps to release endorphins in the body that promote a feeling of well-being and reduces pain that’s associated with a variety of problems.

If you suffer pain, depress, anxiety, arthritis or any other condition, giving acupressure massage therapy an opportunity to correct it will reduce the chance of requiring medication. If you’re interested in acupuncture, it can improve sleep, decrease back pain, reduce migraines, reduce allergy symptoms and much more. Visit our website for more information.