Debunking Some Plastic Surgery Myths: Here’s What You Need to Know

Aug 14, 19 Debunking Some Plastic Surgery Myths: Here’s What You Need to Know

Cosmetic surgery is increasingly becoming more affordable and is no longer only available to famous and affluent individuals. Besides altering your appearance, plastic surgery in the Chicago Loop area can be significantly beneficial for many other reasons. Think of someone who has scars from an accident and wants to reconstruct his or her body to boost confidence. Also, the reconstruction helps in enhancing the body function. Cosmetic surgery has gone a long way in allowing individuals to live the lives they have dreamed of. However, cosmetic surgery is surrounded by a myriad of misconceptions. It’s time for patients to learn the truth by debunking some of the myths surrounding these procedures.

Plastic Surgery Is Not Just for Women

Portrayals in pop culture might get you thinking that you will only meet women when you visit an office for plastic surgery in the Chicago Loop. Women do make up a majority of people seeking plastic surgery, and some cosmetic surgeries are designed for women, such as breast lifts, breast augmentation, and breast implant removal. However, men can also benefit in various ways. Men may undergo chin augmentation, pectoral implants, and hair transplantation, among other procedures.

Plastic Surgery Is Not All About Vanity and Beauty

While Botox and breast augmentation get all the attention, cosmetic surgery also entails correcting congenital disabilities. It can help with reconstructing the body after cancer treatment. Surgeons care about the functional results after surgery, and not the aesthetics. Most patients choose to correct issues that are not amenable to nonsurgical procedures, weight loss, and diet.

Plastic Surgery Results Don’t Always Last Forever

Cosmetic surgery allows patients to experience noticeable and quick results. However, the procedure is not magic. Plastic surgery doesn’t prevent your body from changes and aging. But, you can incorporate some lifestyle changes that will prolong the effects of the procedure.

If you’re considering plastic surgery, make an informed decision. Talk to a surgeon about your preferred method and make sure you get plastic surgery from a qualified surgeon to avoid complications.

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