Here’s How a Cosmetic Surgery Procedure Can Change the Shape of Your Eyes

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Surgery

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An old adage claims that the eyes are the window to your soul. It definitely rings true when you consider the importance that your eyes play in your overall appearance. While you may be currently dissatisfied with the way that your eyes look, you could change them by undergoing cosmetic surgery on one or more eyelids. These reasons are among some of the most popular reasons why people opt for eyelid surgery in Lakeview today.

Repairing Scars or Injuries

If you have been in an accident that altered the appearance of your eyes, you could be a good candidate for eyelid surgery in Lakeview. Surgery can restore the shape, lift, and color of your eyelids. It can raise a lid that droops over your eye and prevents you from seeing well. The surgery can also correct scarring left behind from injuries to this part of your face. You can get smoother and firmer-looking skin on your eyelids by having it repaired through this specialized cosmetic surgery.

Changing the Shape of Your Eyes

If you are not happy with the shape of your eyes right now, you can change it with eyelid surgery. Surgery can round out your eyelids or it can alternatively make them more almond-shaped or slanted if you want a more exotic look.

Understanding the Surgery

If you elect to go through with a blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, you can expect to be sedated during it. The surgeon will make small incisions in your eyelids to remove excess skin and tissue. The incisions will then be glued or sutured shut. Your total recovery time will be around two weeks. You must avoid going out in the sunlight and rubbing this part of your face until you are healed.

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