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End-to-End HIM and RCM Healthcare Solutions

May 04, 19 End-to-End HIM and RCM Healthcare Solutions

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GeBBS Healthcare Solutions provides end-to-end revenue cycle management and health information solutions to companies that need a strategic outsourcing option. HIM Solutions GeBBS places resources with HCC and HIM experience into coding departments of healthcare providers. This helps companies manage increased responsibilities and create accurate and professional patient histories. Physician and facility reimbursements are part of the lifeblood of these organizations, so competent coders help ensure accuracy and completion of these requests. GeBBS’ portfolio of HIM solutions includes medical coding, coding validation audits, clinical documentation improvement, and E/M calculations. Revenue Cycle Management The private healthcare industry handles a massive $900 billion in medical billings. Timely and accurate processing ensures that healthcare providers maintain their revenue streams. GeBBS’ revenue cycle management solutions are tailored to clients’ specific needs and systems, and efficient workflow processes ensure that accuracy and speed aren’t sacrificed. GeBBS’ portfolio of RCM solutions includes A/R management, end-to-end RCM solutions, credit balance resolution, denial management, and extended business office. Patient Contact and other Solutions With patient liability and debt on the rise, healthcare providers are pressured more than ever to ensure their patients have the option to pay through the web, at point of service, payment plans, and more. GeBBS has patient access infrastructure that keeps revenue streams fluid. PCS solutions include scheduling, eligibility verification, and pre-authorization; patient call center; and self-pay collections. Other important services the company offers include value-based care and risk adjustment solutions that rounding out the end-to-end RCM and HIM offerings available. GeBBS capabilities allows services to be rendered from virtually anywhere in the world. The offshore medical coding operation saves clients on many costs without sacrificing quality. GeBBS‘ professional virtual training and support resources ensure that onshore and offshore medical coding professionals have access to the same training and knowledge bases critical to all GeBBS clients. For more information on Offshore Medical Coding, contact Gebbs Healthcare Solutions through their website...

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Would a Mommy Makeover Benefit You Now?

May 02, 19 Would a Mommy Makeover Benefit You Now?

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Having a child is a wonderful experience. Most moms cherish the time with their children all throughout their lives. Some moms have noticed that their bodies never really did get back to their pre-pregnancy condition. It is common for women that are mothers to complain of stubborn fat rolls on their abdomen, saggier breasts that seem to have lost top volume and wider buttocks and/or hips. Many women wonder if a mommy makeover would benefit them now at this stage of their lives. There is a premier plastic surgeon that offers natural looking mommy makeovers Elgin ladies have already been excitedly talking about. Some women may benefit strongly from a mini tummy-tuck or a full tummy-tuck depending on their unique body proportions. This plastic surgeon can also combine this procedure with other services like liposuction and/or body contouring procedures. If you are a mom that is now close to your recommended body weight, having a tummy-tuck can tighten the abdominal skin and tone that gives the abdomen a smoother appearance. Additionally, some lower abdominal stretch marks can often be removed at the same time. To find out if you are a good candidate to undergo a tummy-tuck or additional plastic surgery offered in a mommy makeover that Elgin residents can opt for, schedule a complimentary consultation appointment to discuss your case specifics with a trusted local plastic surgeon. Only after an in-depth consultation is completed should women make the decision to undergo an individualized mommy makeover surgery. Many moms elect to get their breasts enlarged with a breast augmentation with or without a breast lift. This procedure can give a woman’s breasts a fuller and perkier shape that looks remarkably natural with a more youthful appearance. Call Ashpole Plastic Surgery for your mommy makeover consultation...

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Four Types of Body Contouring

May 02, 19 Four Types of Body Contouring

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If you are interested in a body contour treatment in San Gabriel, CA, you will want to check out the four different types of body contouring that are offered at DSC Laser and Skin Care Center. Dr. Shum can reshape your body with the following methods CoolSculpting, Thermage Body, VelaShape, and UltraShape. Each of these methods works in its own special way, and Dr. Shum can help you choose which is right for you. CoolSculpting CoolSculpting is a body contour procedure offered in the San Gabriel, CA office. It is completely safe and effective. The procedure uses a precise cooling laser to target the fat cells that lie just underneath the skin. The cells are crystallized or frozen, and then they die. As your body naturally eliminates the dead cells, you gain a more sculpted look. The precision of the CoolScupting procedure allows only the fat cells to be targeted. Thermage Body This non-invasive procedure will help your body be more tight and firm, even after just a single treatment. There is no downtime or injections to worry about, and it can be used to target crepey and flabby skin. It is meant for patients that are looking to tighten and smooth. It most often used on the abdomen, arms, buttocks, and thighs. If you are not significantly overweight, this is a may be a good body contour treatment for you. VelaShape Another non-invasive body contour treatment that is available in San Gabriel, CA, VelaShape is used for cellulite reduction. You can get a toned body appearance in as little as three sessions. The main treatment areas are the neck, arms, flanks, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. It is not a weight loss treatment, but it can eliminate the appearance of dimpling from cellulite. UltraShape This body contour procedure uses ultrasound technology, and it was approved by the USDA in 2014. The treatment sessions will target the fat cells leading to an overall reduction and a body contouring effect. It is a non-invasive procedure and...

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Reproductive Medicine for Your Needs

May 02, 19 Reproductive Medicine for Your Needs

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If you have been unable to conceive a child without medical intervention, you may be wondering about the IVF cost Jacksonville FL. IVF is covered by many health insurance plans, so you may be surprised to discover that the cost of this type of reproductive medicine is less than what you had expected. Reproductive medicine technology has improved a lot over the years, and IVF is more efficient and effective than it was a generation ago. These improvements have allowed IVF to become a standard of treatment for infertility, and most health insurance plans cover the treatment and physician fees. The cost of IVF treatments is typically covered by health insurance. If you have a high-deductible plan, it will apply toward your medical costs. You can use an FSA or an HSA in order to pay for your IVF treatments, physician fees and prescriptions. This can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. You may also want to compare the cost of IVF to other types of treatments for infertility or other ways of conceiving a biological child. For example, surrogacy is more expensive than IVF, and it is also legally complicated. IVF has been used by our physicians to successfully achieve pregnancy in thousands of couples. When you have no greater desire than to become a parent, we look forward to helping you with this highly effective treatment. When you want to know more about IVF cost Jacksonville FL, contact us at the Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine. We can set up an appointment to come in and meet with us. During your consultation, we will examine your health insurance benefits and explain what your out-of-pocket costs will be for IVF treatments. You may also learn more about our reproductive medicine services and physicians by visiting us online at any...

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What to Expect During a Sports Physical

May 02, 19 What to Expect During a Sports Physical

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If you have a child who is interested in sports, it’s likely you’re going to get used to annual sports physicals in Orange Park, FL. This physical is important to ensure the well-being and health of your child both on the field and off. We know this can be a confusing process, but it is needed, and we want to share a bit about what the process is and why it is done. Reasons for a Sport Physical Sports physicals, also called pre-participation physical examinations, are used to determine if a child or adult is in proper physical health to participate safely in a sport. Anyone starting a new sport or exercise routine should talk to a healthcare professional to ensure it is a good idea and sports physicals in Orange Park, FL are a great way to do that. The Physical Process There are numerous things that occur during a physical. A nurse or staff member will first check your child’s vitals, such as blood pressure and pulse. Their weight and height will also be taken down. The reason for this is because growth spurts and weight changes can cause added stress to the bones, joints, and muscles. Next, there will be an eye exam. While the eye exam is underway, the medical professional will ensure your child is able to see properly. If there is a vision problem, your child will be offered prescription lenses or a change to their lenses if they have had vision changes and already wear glasses. Your child will also have their medical history gone over as part of the sport’s physical procedure. It’s important that you come to the appointment armed with information about any recent or past conditions, illnesses, or surgeries, so the professional can make a note of them. This can give them an idea of what potential problems may come up. In some cases, this will mean the need for referrals or further testing to protect your athlete’s health. The last part of...

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Mining Your Clinic’s Medical Records for Relevant Data

Apr 30, 19 Mining Your Clinic’s Medical Records for Relevant Data

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As medical technology changes and grows, it is natural that you would want to include as much of it as possible in your own practice. Along with buying the newest and most innovative machines, computerized systems, and other technology into your clinic or hospital, you also may embrace the most recent changes to the manner in which medical records are kept today. This technology has done away with old-fashioned record keeping that once involved handwritten notes and filing and storing records in cabinets or on shelves. It now utilizes innovations like Mips reporting that in part involves mining existing records for data and then transferring that data to cloud or virtual files for your practice. Adding Mips reporting to your record keeping system can be a benefit to your practice if you want to stay abreast of the latest technology in your industry today. You may want to be able to quickly and effortlessly access existing patients’ records. You want to avoid searching through mounds of paper records just to find the one you need for your patient’s care. With this newest record keeping innovation, you can have the records mined and transferred to cloud storage that is set up just for your practice. The company can mine relevant data from each record and then compile it into reports that are logical, easy to read, and easily accessible from any device you or your medical staff use. This form of record keeping is also more secure and guards against disasters like floods or fires that can affect your medical practice. Even if your entire building is burned down, you still have your patients’ records stored safely in your practice’s virtual cloud. You can continue the level of care your patients are accustomed to without having to start over with paper...

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3 Benefits of Dog Daycare

Apr 22, 19 3 Benefits of Dog Daycare

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Best Dog Daycare Chicago When you have to travel overnight, or you work long hours and have to leave your dog by himself, all day, you are encouraged to find alternative care for him. A dog is not a stagnant animal. Dogs require attention, exercise and love throughout the day. It’s a good idea to start looking for the best dog daycare in Chicago near you. Taking advantage of this service is beneficial for both you and your dog. Here are three benefits a dog daycare offers. Personalized Attention At a dog daycare, before you leave your dog in the staff’s care for the first time, you will be asked several questions. The goal is to find out if your best furry friend has any conditions or characteristics that require specialized care. The staff also wants to find out what kind of specialized attention he will require. Dogs have feelings, too. They get lonely and could feel abandoned the first few times they are dropped off. The staff will do their best to help him cope until you pick him up. Exercise Dogs that are dropped off at a dog daycare are given the opportunity to stretch their legs. Depending on the length of time they are in our care, they may be allowed to run around for up to six hours. If his temperament allows, he will be able to play with other dogs, too. The staff monitors every dog to ensure they are comfortable and happy. Affordable Pricing Often, dog daycare prices are affordable. Some facilities work out a price plan for clients who drop off their dogs more often. Before your drop off your dog, inquire within. If you are looking for the best dog daycare in Chicago, contact Chicago Canine Academy for more information,...

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