Promising PTSD Treatments

With our increasing number of veterans returning from prolonged military service and tours of duty and with the increasing violence in the world around us we find more and more of our patients are seeking PTSD treatment. This can also include people that have been traumatized by military sexual assault or for combat trauma or traumatic brain injury.

The great news, and something that we are very happy to tell our patients in Salt Lake City, Utah, is that there are some amazing PTSD treatment options out there that work well for the vast majority of patients on an outpatient basis.

In some situations if a patient arrives at our facility in a crisis, we can provide inpatient care until they are stabilized. Then, we work with the family to ensure a strong support network and transition the patient to our outpatient treatment which will include individual therapy sessions as well as group session as the therapist deems as beneficial.

Our Military Programs
One of the ways that our PTSD treatment programs in Salt Lake City, Utah are different than in many areas of the country is that we have a specialized program just for military professionals. This allows us to focus our treatment specifically for those that have similar backgrounds and similar experiences, adding to the effectiveness of both our treatments as well as our group sessions.

Our Approach in Salt Lake City, Utah
We find that a range of different clinical programming options is the best combination for our military patients. This includes the latest in therapies from EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to nightmare reprocessing and Dialectic Behavior Therapy. These are provided on in individual level with our therapists, all who have extensive experience in working with active duty military personnel as well as veterans.

While our focus is the patient, we also provide military family therapy that helps the family understand and interact more effectively with their loved one. We work in our military PTSD treatment programs with pet therapy, recreational therapy and even yoga to help each individual to relax, reflect and feel good about themselves and their future moving forward through treatment.