Spine Surgery in Atlanta, GA – An Overview

Spinal issues are taken lightly by people, but looking at the increased number of spinal diseases, you can understand the damage. God has made our spinal column to support rest of the body parts; as if something occurs to it you can even get paralyzed. If hurt, due to any reason a surgery has to be done. Living in Atlanta, GA you can get some good doctors for a spine surgery.

The functions performed by a spinal cord include, proper body movement, well balanced structure, straight posture, ability to bear a shock or a jerk. A complete spinal column in fact protects the spinal cord, as it is responsible for the right movement of the body muscles and communication with the brain. Due to any malfunction, problems including pain can happen in various body parts including back muscles.

If an imbalance occurs in the spine, it can cause severe problems including immobility. A spine seems straight from the back or front side, whereas it has curves, which are of three types, as lordotic, which is in the neck area, thoracic which curves outward, similarly lumber spine with lordotic curve. The reason of such curves is to bear head load, and upper body load thereby keeping the balance. But, when some sort of imbalance happens, it can result in an increased curvature.

Various spine surgery in Atlanta, GA elements are vertebrae, intervertebral disc, facet joint, neural foramen, spinal cord and nerves. The first part mostly gives a support to the maximum weight, which is put on the spine. Similarly, there are discs in spinal vertebrae which are responsible to bear shocks and other loads. The disc has both fiber and water content due to which the flexibility is maintained, including the quality of shock absorption.

A facet joint connects the various bones in the spinal area, allowing the rotation of vertebral bodies. Whereas an opening through which the nerves travel to the body is called neural foramen and its function is to provide a safe way for the nerves, which are responsible for conveying signals between a cord and the entire body. The nerves of the spinal cord have connections to various body parts including arms, chest, legs, buttocks, and hips. If any damage happens to the nerves it can result in pains, numbness, weakness or a tingling feeling in some areas.

Similarly, the muscles around a spine help it to withstand loads, and these muscles are strengthened in various ways during a physical therapy process among various patients. The spinal column can affect the nervous system a lot, as it protects the cord which is the only way of communication to brain including mobility as well as a body sensation. Depending on the area if anything wrong happens can cause damage to the nervous system including numbness of some body parts as legs, neck area, hands or arms etc.

Sometimes a surgery is recommended by the doctor, if the spinal elements do not work properly. There are many hospitals in Atlanta, GA, like All Spine Laser & Surgery Center where spine surgery is done. You should check the doctor and the hospital reputation before taking a big decision of an operation.