Struggling to Get Pregnant? Consider Artificial Insemination in San Antonio TX

Have you and your partner been trying to get pregnant? If you have made many unsuccessful attempts at conceiving and you’re concerned about possibly having fertility problems, it’s a good idea to consider seeing a fertility specialist. Both men and women may suffer from infertility issues. If this is the case in your marriage or relationship, Artificial insemination in San Antonio TX is an option.

What Causes Infertility?

There are tons of different causes of infertility. Men who have had cancer and have undergone treatment for it may no longer be able to produce sperm. A fertility specialist would need to check it out to determine whether or not this was the problem. Women with abnormalities and ovulation issues may also have a more difficult time getting pregnant, even if it’s not completely impossible. Genetics, environmental factors, and other conditions can also cause fertility issues for both men and women.

What Exactly Is Artificial Insemination?

Artificial insemination in San Antonio TX involves the insertion of sperm directly inside of the vaginal area. In many instances, a specialist makes sure to place it directly inside of the uterus to help with the conception process. Before this occurs, tests are performed to make sure that the sperm count is high enough. The fertility specialist will make sure you’re going through the ovulation phase before starting the artificial insemination process. Some tests are performed using ovulation kits to determine when you’re going through the ovulation phase. It’s important that the insemination gets completed at the right time so that the sperm can attach to the egg, thus resulting in a pregnancy.

Never assume that just because you haven’t conceived yet that it is not going to happen. Even if you and your partner have struggled for a while now to get that positive pregnancy test, it is possible that you might just need some fertility assistance. If you want to start the process to work on conceiving a baby and becoming the parent you’ve always hoped to be, contact the Fertility Institute of Texas to find out more information and get the help you need.