The Secret to Alleviating Pain and Avoiding Prescriptions: Visit One of Your Local Chiropractors

Aug 09, 18 The Secret to Alleviating Pain and Avoiding Prescriptions: Visit One of Your Local Chiropractors

During a recent federal study conducted across the nation, analysts unearthed some disconcerting statistics regarding opioid reliance in the United States:

* Nearly 42% of Americans utilized an opioid painkiller during the past 12 months, which means that the usage rate has more than doubled since 1999.

* The percentage of the US population with chronic pain (roughly 40%) is actually lower than Italy and France, but we consume 500% more painkillers than either one of those countries.

* With upwards of 90 million adults in the US ingesting some type of palliative drug, opioids have surpassed cigarettes in terms of prevalence.

As we become increasingly cognizant of this disturbing trend, prudent individuals are beginning to rely on chiropractors more than ever before. In fact, professional chiropractors in the US treat more than 30 million patients per year, which marks a considerable 17% increase from the figures recorded 20 years ago.

How Can a Chiropractic Specialist Help Me?

Chiropractors are often conflated with physical therapists, and for good reason too. These compassionate, well-informed clinicians can create intricate, individualized treatment programs for anyone that happens to be suffering from persistent musculoskeletal aches or post-injury restoration:

 * In-depth massage therapy to isolate and mollify pain points around your body

 * High-tech electric muscle stimulation that increases blood flow and recovery periods without negatively implicating your heart rate or inflammation

 * Unique pain-relieving exercises, stretches, manipulations, and remedial maneuvers.

Your neighborhood chiropractors can also provide X-Ray examinations, orthopedic assessments, and other contemporary healthcare services without forcing you to spend a fortune on dedicated attention.

Schedule Your Stress-Free Consultation Now

If you’d like to learn about the origin of your pain, how to effectively treat the symptoms, and how many appointments it will take to revitalize your musculoskeletal system, be sure to get ahold of Lettman Chiropractic Rehab as soon as you get a moment.

The treatment regimens are straightforward, cost-effective, and, most importantly, they are proven to affect fantastic results in as little as one session, so you have everything to gain, and absolutely nothing to lose. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!