Symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder

There are many times when it is normal to double check something, there is nothing wrong with checking twice to see if the car headlights are turned off or the iron has been unplugged. A person who suffers from an obsessive compulsion disorder reaches a point where these compulsive behavior patterns become excessive to the point of interfering with the daily routine. What is obsessive compulsive disorder? OCD is a disorder which is characterized by uncontrollable and unwanted thoughts. It demands ritualized behavior which the sufferer feels an obligation to perform. Those who suffer obsessive compulsive disorder often know they have thoughts and irrational behavior, but they are unable to resist them. The brain of people with OCD seems to get stuck in a rut, a particular thought or urge. The OCD sufferer may check 20 or 30 times to make sure the oven is turned off; others may scrub their hands until they are raw and bleeding. Understanding the obsessions and compulsions: The obsessions of the OCD sufferer are involuntary. They can be thoughts, images or impulses that pop up over and over again in the mind. The person does not want this to happen but no matter how hard he may try to stop them; he can’t. These thoughts are often distracting and disturbing. A compulsion is a ritual or a behavior that you feel obliged to carry out time and time again. The disorder often manifests itself in compulsions, which are performed in a lame attempt to rid oneself of obsessions. A good example would be a person who is so afraid of being contaminated that they develop very elaborate cleaning routines and rituals. This never lasts, the obsession returns and the compulsive behavior repeats itself. This usually ends up causing the sufferer a lot of anxiety as they become more demanding and time-consuming. The signs and symptoms of obsessive compulsion disorder: Most people who suffer OCD have both obsessions and compulsions. Others may manifest one or the other. Common obsessive...

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Dog Grooming Tips

Mar 21, 13 Dog Grooming Tips

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One of the best ways to keep your dog looking great is to start a regular schedule of grooming. Getting in the habit of doing so is much simpler than you may think, and once you have a weekly routine established, the time it takes will be nominal. You will want to purchase a few dog grooming items either from your local pet store or from a pet hospital Lenexa KS. You will need a dog brush, a pair of nail clippers, a bag of cotton swabs and a quality dog shampoo. Talk to your veterinarian to find out which shampoos are safe to use on your particular breed, as some dog types can have sensitive skin and cheap shampoos can cause irritation. The best time to groom and care for your dog is right after one of your walks. Let him cool down and drink some water. Then begin to work the brush through his fur or hair, taking care around the sensitive parts. You are not looking for a final brush down. This is simply to work out any burs or stickers that may have gotten tangled in his coat. Take the time to check your pet’s overall condition. Examine his eyes, his ears, his teeth and gums. Run your fingers across his skin, feeling for unusual bumps or the presence of any ticks. Doing this is especially important if you notice your pet has been biting at or scratching a particular area of his body. The time should serve as an excellent bonding time, and your dog should come to love the experience. Once you have completed your examination of your dog, bath him either in a bathtub or outside with a hose, taking care not to let him get free. Although your kids may love seeing a soaking wet and soapy canine running lose, you’ll spend more time cleaning up after him than actually bathing him. If you don’t want the mess at your home, you can take your dog...

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Sexual Trauma Treatment Houston TX

Sexual trauma is something no one every wants to experience nor should ever have to experience. Unfortunately, this probably does occur from time to time. Sexual trauma or abuse is often a crime that goes unreported especially in males and children as the result of fear or embarrassment. Hiding sexual trauma can lead to a host of problems ranging from depression to isolation to the inability to develop healthy relationships in the future. It is important to remember that there is help. Sexual Trauma Treatment in Houston TX can provide safe and non-threatening treatment for victims of sexual trauma as well as their family members. Sexual trauma treatment in Houston TX can take on a variety of shapes and forms with the main idea of getting you better and better able to deal with the situation that occurred. Counseling is often the most common form of treatment for sexual abuse victims. The first step in treating sexual abuse victims is to stabilize the symptoms. Patients of sexual trauma can host a variety of symptoms that can range from isolation to self-mutilation. It is important that a therapist work with a patient to identity all of their symptoms. Building trust between a patient and therapist can allow a therapist to provide coping mechanisms for dealing with recovery from sexual trauma. A therapist needs to be aware of symptoms in order to properly treat a patient. If the symptoms are severe enough, medication may be recommended to help calm the patient. Further into treatment, a therapist will ask the patient to recall the sexual trauma and how it made them feel. While this may stir up a lot of emotions, talking about the trauma may help a patient to overcome it.  Patients will then move on to dealing with the event. A therapist will work with the patient to overcome the event of sexual trauma. A therapist will essentially help a patient to forget about the memory of a sexual trauma. By doing so, a patient...

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How dental implants can save your looks, health and confidence

Various diseases, lack of proper oral care, or prolonged unhealthy diets could cause people to lose otherwise healthy teeth. If lost teeth aren’t replaced, all kinds of medical complications due to indigestion, for example, could occur. Other oral-related problems can also become aggravated, not to mention developing a less than appealing overall physical appearance, as well emotional problems because of a lack of self-esteem. Dental implants would be the right option in these circumstances, as these feel, look and operate like real teeth. Here are reasons why you ought to replace missing teeth with dental implants. What dental implants are A cosmetic dentist fixes tiny titanium screws into the jaw bone in place of one or more teeth that are missing. Because titanium bonds well with the jaw bone, the latter will over time blend with the implants, making the latter look and feel like real teeth. It is also an excellent measure to stop the jaw and facial bone from deteriorating as time goes on, one of the consequences of having missing teeth for too long. This procedure of using implants as a replacement for lost teeth is one of the most popular and effective ones that have helped countless folks smile with confidence again. The benefits of implants Opting to get dental implants in Westchester NY or elsewhere has many benefits. Aside from putting confident smiles back on people’s faces, the implants look and feel like natural teeth. No one would notice the difference, as with conventional dentures that have the tendency to slip out of the gums when you don’t intend them to. Moreover, the implants are solid structures that won’t slide or slip when you chew or speak. The process is thorough since the implants are meant to last a very long time. The procedure The procedure for dental implants in Winchester NY and elsewhere happens over months since there are a number of components to the process cosmetic dentists have to deal with. Besides an assessment to see which...

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HCG Diet Plans Provide Great Success for People Trying To Lose Weight

Mar 19, 13 HCG Diet Plans Provide Great Success for People Trying To Lose Weight

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Human Chronic Gonadotropin or HCG was first discovered in 1927, but it was not until the 1950s that the use of this hormone was truly discovered, and there was widespread adoption of this type of weight loss aid. Today, the HCG diet plan continues to gain more and more popularity as a weight loss aid because there are so many benefits yet so few side effects to the hormone. So what is HCG exactly? HCG is a hormone that helps a person to lose weight effectively and permanently. The basics are that the HCG hormone aids the body in reducing the abnormal fat banks. The hormone also helps to reset the hypothalamus and help change eating behaviors. It really is incredible at how well the HCG hormone can help to alter a person into losing weight safely and effectively. Phases A HCG diet plan is typically broken up into three different phases. In phase one of the diet plan, the person takes in a high calorie and high fat content diet as they begin to take the HCG supplements. Some people refer to this initial phase as the loading phase. As the body takes in more and more fat content the HCG hormone kicks in, preventing the body from absorbing any of the fat. This process also helps to remove some of the existing fat in the body at the same time. The second phase of the HCG diet is the actual diet phase. This part of the program has very strict guidelines as to how many calories can be taken in each day and exactly what types of food are allowed to be ingested each day. It is very strict, and the plan must be followed exactly in order for it to work properly. This second phase of the HCG diet can take as long as 60 days. Some plans for the HCG diet can differ slightly. The final phase of the HCG diet involves just the diet part without taking HCG. This...

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