Fixing Your Droopy Eyes With Surgery

Jan 31, 15 Fixing Your Droopy Eyes With Surgery

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Have you been looking in the mirror recently and noticed that your eyelids are starting to sag? Are you thinking about having eyelid surgery in Naperville to have them fixed? If you have not thought about the benefits of an eye lift then the time might be right for you. An eye lift can help you feel and look considerably younger. There is no need to go day to day looking at your eyes begin to droop lower and lower giving you a much more sullen looking appearance. A simple surgery can help alleviate all of these issues. Ask your local cosmetic surgeon about your options. Turn Your Frown Upside Down The eyes are one of our most important methods of communicating emotions. As we age the muscles in our face begin to get weaker and the skin begins to lose its elasticity. This can give us the appearance of frowning or of feeling sad. This can make first impressions a problem because people might assume something is wrong with you. This could lead to poor self-esteem. This simple procedure can help you feel confident that your frown will not be interpreted in a manner that you do not want. The procedure itself involves raising the brow and the areas around the eyes so they appear more open and raised. This can lead to better vision and a stronger self-esteem about your appearance. Different Methods, Different Results Each person is uniquely different in their own way and how your surgery will be carried out is no different. Each person will need to meet with their cosmetic surgeon to map out their treatments and procedures to gain the desired effects that they wish. These operations typically take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours and recovery times usually vary but it is typically no more than 1 to 2 weeks. Things like swelling and bruising may persist for a while longer but this will also resolve in time. The procedures are usually perform with a laser...

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Gummy Breast Implants in New York Are the Talk of the Town

Jan 28, 15 Gummy Breast Implants in New York Are the Talk of the Town

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When it comes to innovations in the field of breast augmentation and plastic surgery, Gummy Breast implants in New York are, indeed, the “Talk of the Town.” Not only are the implants FDA-approved, they come in a variety of shapes to meet each woman’s particular contour and shape. Obtain “Gummy Bears” in round, oval and tear-dropped shapes. For women who want fuller, more natural looking breasts, or want to improve the appearance of a sagging breast, the tear-drop variety is often the best to select. A Design That Lasts Regardless of the implants that are chosen however, the devices not only feel very natural, they also lack the artificial look of saline or regular silicone breasts. Plus, when you choose Gummy Breast implants in New York, you are lower the risk of capsular contraction, especially if you choose implants that have been texturized. While regular silicone implants can cause scar tissue to develop, using the thicker-gelled “Gummy Bears” substantially reduces the risk of rupture and leakage. Gummy Bears can be cut and their shape is still retained. Therefore, the form-stable design can last a very long time. That’s why we are excited here at Dr. Fiorillo’s office to use “Gummy Bears” in breast re-sizing and augmentation surgeries. Dr. Fiorillo has been using the Gummy Breast implants in New York since they were approved by the FDA in 2012. The brand we use, Sientra, chose Dr. Fiorillo as one of four U.S. doctors who can train plastic surgeons in this type of surgery. So, if you are seeking a professional Gummy Bear surgeon, you will need to contact us here for an appointment to consult with Dr. Fiorillo. A Popular Choice in an Implant in New York Gummy Bear implants in New York are made with a silicone gel that includes a cross-link to make them extra firm and thick. Because the device is a form-stable implant, it not only is less likely to rupture, it retains a more natural shape. It’s no wonder that...

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What does an orthodontist do?

An orthodontist is a dentist who practices orthodontics in Orange Park, one of the dental specialties. These specialists work with patients who have crooked teeth or misaligned jaws. Patients often request orthodontic care for cosmetic purposes but there are just as many who require it for health reasons. People who display dental irregularities often suffer from embarrassment and insecurity, but the same condition can have a negative impact on the way a person chews or speaks. Often the condition will cause sleep apnea, snoring and other forms of breathing problems. A considerable percentage of the population, both old and young, suffers from some type of irregular teeth or jaw problems. Some are quite severe, others may be little more than teeth which are crowded which tends to twist them in the jaw or cause them to overlap. A patient’s potential problem is usually spotted first by the family dentist who in turn can make arrangements for a visit to a specialist who practices orthodontics in Orange Park area. The first appointment is straight forward; the orthodontist will study the teeth, jaw and facial features of the patient and make a recommendation which often includes the fitting of braces. If the patient agrees with the findings of the orthodontist and wishes to go ahead with the treatment, a further series of appointments will be required. The patient’s upper and lower teeth will be X-Rayed, impressions will be made of the upper and lower dental arch and photos will be taken of the teeth and face. The impressions will be used to make a mold which is used to design the braces, retainer or other device that may be needed to align the teeth to the normal state. Over a period of time, perhaps as much as a year for difficult cases, repeat visits to the orthodontist are necessary as the bands require adjustment to compensate for the teeth which are slowly moving into the desired position. One of the biggest reasons for dental problems can...

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Promising PTSD Treatments

With our increasing number of veterans returning from prolonged military service and tours of duty and with the increasing violence in the world around us we find more and more of our patients are seeking PTSD treatment. This can also include people that have been traumatized by military sexual assault or for combat trauma or traumatic brain injury. The great news, and something that we are very happy to tell our patients in Salt Lake City, Utah, is that there are some amazing PTSD treatment options out there that work well for the vast majority of patients on an outpatient basis. In some situations if a patient arrives at our facility in a crisis, we can provide inpatient care until they are stabilized. Then, we work with the family to ensure a strong support network and transition the patient to our outpatient treatment which will include individual therapy sessions as well as group session as the therapist deems as beneficial. Our Military Programs One of the ways that our PTSD treatment programs in Salt Lake City, Utah are different than in many areas of the country is that we have a specialized program just for military professionals. This allows us to focus our treatment specifically for those that have similar backgrounds and similar experiences, adding to the effectiveness of both our treatments as well as our group sessions. Our Approach in Salt Lake City, Utah We find that a range of different clinical programming options is the best combination for our military patients. This includes the latest in therapies from EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to nightmare reprocessing and Dialectic Behavior Therapy. These are provided on in individual level with our therapists, all who have extensive experience in working with active duty military personnel as well as veterans. While our focus is the patient, we also provide military family therapy that helps the family understand and interact more effectively with their loved one. We work in our military PTSD treatment programs with pet...

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Adult Stem Cell Therapy Los Angeles: A Few Basics Stem Cell Basics

What is a stem cell? In simple terms, a stem cell is a microscopic blank cell. These unspecialized cells have the ability to renew themselves through cell division, evolving into a brand new stem cell or a different type of cell altogether. Adult stem cells, which are also referred to as “tissue stem cells”, can have their origin in any organ, beginning at the stage of the fetus. Adult stem cells essentially take on the role of healers, and for several decades have been studied to determine their value of treating disease in many forms. Stem cells have seen scientific advances in recent years, but much more research is still needed in this field of medicine. Adult Stem Cell Therapy How do these stem cells work to repair other cells? Adult type stem cells are found in our body tissues and organs, placentas, umbilical cords, amniotic fluid, bone marrow, even in cadavers. If cells can reproduce in large enough quantities, they can be used for treating a whole range of medical complications. This opens up the possibility of treatment for autoimmune diseases, heart problems, and a host of other health issues. Although it may seem beyond our scope of understanding, this is a real healing process provided by our own bodies. Adult stem cell therapy in Los Angeles is available from the qualified and experienced MetroMD Institute of Regenerative Medicine. How Does it Work? Adult stem cell therapy in Los Angeles may be a viable treatment option for your health concerns including diabetes, joint disease, and chronic heart disease. A stem cell transplant is a multi-step process, beginning with collecting stem cells from the patient. Those cells are then placed back into the body, where they work to target damaged tissues and begin to replenish the healthy cells. Stem cells can also be extracted and stored for future transplants, should health conditions arise for the patient. The mission at MetroMD Institute is to offer patients effective treatment in stem cell therapy. If you meet...

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