Gummy Breast Implants in New York Are the Talk of the Town

Jan 28, 15 Gummy Breast Implants in New York Are the Talk of the Town

When it comes to innovations in the field of breast augmentation and plastic surgery, Gummy Breast implants in New York are, indeed, the “Talk of the Town.” Not only are the implants FDA-approved, they come in a variety of shapes to meet each woman’s particular contour and shape. Obtain “Gummy Bears” in round, oval and tear-dropped shapes. For women who want fuller, more natural looking breasts, or want to improve the appearance of a sagging breast, the tear-drop variety is often the best to select.

A Design That Lasts

Regardless of the implants that are chosen however, the devices not only feel very natural, they also lack the artificial look of saline or regular silicone breasts. Plus, when you choose Gummy Breast implants in New York, you are lower the risk of capsular contraction, especially if you choose implants that have been texturized. While regular silicone implants can cause scar tissue to develop, using the thicker-gelled “Gummy Bears” substantially reduces the risk of rupture and leakage. Gummy Bears can be cut and their shape is still retained. Therefore, the form-stable design can last a very long time.

That’s why we are excited here at Dr. Fiorillo’s office to use “Gummy Bears” in breast re-sizing and augmentation surgeries. Dr. Fiorillo has been using the Gummy Breast implants in New York since they were approved by the FDA in 2012. The brand we use, Sientra, chose Dr. Fiorillo as one of four U.S. doctors who can train plastic surgeons in this type of surgery. So, if you are seeking a professional Gummy Bear surgeon, you will need to contact us here for an appointment to consult with Dr. Fiorillo.

A Popular Choice in an Implant in New York

Gummy Bear implants in New York are made with a silicone gel that includes a cross-link to make them extra firm and thick. Because the device is a form-stable implant, it not only is less likely to rupture, it retains a more natural shape. It’s no wonder that women in the “Big Apple” regularly contact our office here to inquire about Gummy Breast implants in New York.

When deciding on the type of implant you want, you will need to consider your expectations, your frame size and your purpose in obtaining breast augmentation surgery. Because Gummy Breast implants in New York are a much safer option than saline implants and regular silicone implants, you won’t have much trouble making a decision for the surgery.

Naturally, you can find out more about Gummy Breast implants in New York during a consultation. Implants are not a one-size-fits-all type of device. Therefore, each procedure is tailored to the patient. Obtain more information by visiting our site at today.