Streamlined Medical Revenue Cycle Management is What Your Company Needs to Succeed!

Feb 23, 15 Streamlined Medical Revenue Cycle Management is What Your Company Needs to Succeed!

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Medical revenue cycle management has simplified the old methods of office operation. It automatically streamlines the entire payment cycle of receiving, processing, and posting payments. By employing this management method, the medical staff no longer needs to spend time on such tedious tasks as sorting mail, matching paper payments with electronic payments, generating advice on payments expected to be received or made, posting payments and writing out deposit tickets. By employing the proper system, the staff will be able to turn their focus to more important matters of business. The Best System and the Best Service At DuvaSawko Emergency Medical Billing and Management Solutions, we provide medical revenue cycle management for many different emergency medicine groups across America. Our reputation in the industry has never been less than the best. We offer full-service solutions with our state of the art systems, including: 1. Superior customer service 2. No outsourcing, EVER 3. Competitive prices 4. Trend analysis 5. Customized reporting and management 6. Accurate claim handling processes 7. Productivity Bonus Program Development Services We Provide the Tools Your Practice Needs to Thrive The medical revenue cycle management services we provide for you at DuvaSawko Emergency Medical Billing and Management Solutions will ensure that you receive the most thorough analysis of your billing practices. Many emergency medical practices face a lot of issues with inefficient billing methods which can and usually do lead to significant problems with revenue. We work tirelessly to bring you all of the revenue that is owed to you. With our extensive experience you can trust that we will make the process of your medical billing revenue cycle more effective and easier to work with than before. We employ a team of highly trained and seasoned professionals who work diligently to improve your practice. We ensure that each and every transaction gets properly recorded and that all of your required documents and financial reports are generated on time. We put your business in the position it needs to be in to thrive....

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Exchange a Life of Turmoil for Sobriety

Fighting alcoholism can be an uphill battle. Considering that drinking is a socially acceptable act, it can be hard to refuse an alcoholic beverage when it is offered. One drink easily turns into two or three and can spiral out of control before you know it. When life seems to be complicated with responsibilities that seem difficult to reach, drinking alcohol is a miss-guided approach to handling problems. Instead of dealing with the actual situation, alcohol abusers turn to liquor to try and soothe themselves. In the long run, alcohol begins to ruin their lives and becomes a substance abuse problem that requires individuals to seek treatment for alcoholism. Do Not Wonder If You Have a Drinking Problem By the time the notion that you have a drinking problem has crept into your mind, you have more than likely already reached a critical turning point. Alcoholism is developed over time and usually has a drinking pattern that makes it unquestionable that you have a substance abuse problem. It can be easy to abuse alcohol. Not only can you purchase it fairly easily, drinking is considered an activity that is surrounded by fun and celebration. When a person becomes dependent on alcohol, they have typically lost control of the amount of alcohol they consume and have begun to abuse it on a regular basis. This can be easily noticed by family and working relationships causing rifts that tear families apart and cause termination of employment. When bad things keep happening due to alcohol consumption, you no longer need to wonder if you have a drinking problem. It is time to seek rehabilitation and substance abuse treatment. Alcoholism: A Deadly Disease Alcoholism is considered to be a severe form of the drinking problem that is uncontrollable. At this point, a person is completely out of control and has no consideration for their life or the lives of others. Medical detoxification is needed and necessary in order to begin rehabilitation. Professional rehab facilities are known to work...

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Understanding How a Doctor Uses Patch Testing to Diagnose Allergies

For most people, the world is a beautiful place; however, if you have allergies, the world can feel less inviting. Approximately one-third of the population suffers from allergies at some point during the year, and many people even deal with chronic allergies year round. Allergies can be slightly annoying to life-threatening. When over-the-counter medications no longer help, it’s time to turn to a specialized allergist to find Allergy Asthma & Immunology Relief. At an allergist appointment, the doctor will do a number of tests to pinpoint and treat your specific allergies. Patch Testing is one of the most common tests used. These patches help determine if a specific allergen causes a skin reaction. The doctor will apply an allergen to a patch, which is then stuck onto the patient’s clean skin. If several allergies are suspected, multiple allergens may be tested at once. Each patch can test for up to 40 different allergens. The patient is instructed to leave the office and wear the patches for two days. After 48 hours, the doctor will remove the patches and evaluate the skin for allergic reactions. Patch testing is a very accurate way of determining which substances are causing grief. If the skin is irritated after wearing a patch, the doctor will notate this. Red or raised skin signifies an increase in histamine levels, which correspond to an allergic response. Histamine is a chemical produced by the body to combat dangerous substances. Sometimes, however, the immune system mistakes otherwise non-threatening substances as dangerous, and the body has an allergic reaction. After removing a patch, severely irritated skin indicates a strong allergic reaction, while a smaller reaction is indicative of a less severe allergy. Some common allergies that are included in this type of test include latex, metals, dyes, and medications. Of course, your doctor can customize your test for different substances. If you find yourself dealing with allergies on a regular basis, consider scheduling an appointment with an allergist. After they determine what substances spark an...

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When To Worry About Children’s Heel Pain In Chicago

If you are a parent, you likely have the worry syndrome down because you’re constantly worried about the bruises, coughs and whether or not they’ll get an infection. You help keep their bodies and mouths clean and you likely worry about their nutrition. However, many parents neglect their children’s foot problems, especially heel pain in Chicago. Children are always growing and getting into mischief, so they can easily be injured, especially the feet. With adults, pain can usually be explained away because you overexerted yourself or know you did something that hurt you. However, children are rarely able to tell you when they are hurt and may not understand what is going on, so it is important to watch them carefully and know when something is amiss. Adults Problems Typically, when adults have foot problems, it is usually caused by plantar fasciitis, which is easily treated with some simple stretches, home remedies and easy procedures. In some cases, the condition doesn’t need to be treated at all and will go away on its own. Adults are usually more in tune with their bodies and can tell when something isn’t right. This means they can wait a few days to see if symptoms improve on their own. If they don’t, they can always visit their podiatrist or a general doctor to find out what the problem is. Children’s Problems Kids with foot problems shouldn’t be left alone to let it heal on its own. Typically, the rule of thumb is that if the symptoms last longer than a bruise would last, then they should be evaluated by a doctor. Because children’s bodies are constantly changing, it is important to know about any kind of heel pain immediately so that tests can be done to ensure the foot is still growing properly. Otherwise, the bones or tendons could grow incorrectly and cause even more damage later. Underlying Problems Many times, painful heels can be a symptom of something else. In some cases, the problem may only...

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The Basic Facts About Laser Hair Removal

We women have all been there. Our unwanted hair has driven us almost around the bend and the methods have not been as satisfactory as we have wanted them to be. We have shaved, plucked, tweezed and waxed without satisfaction and sometimes with a lot of frustration. It is at this point that a friend or an ad suggests we try laser hair removal. In Philadelphia, many clinics offer this alternative. Yet, what do we actually know about laser hair removal. In Philadelphia, the experts do admit it can be effective in removing hair on a more permanent basis. Research also supports this, although they vary as to the overall percentage that experience complete and permanent hair removal. Yet, some people, in spite of the practice’s popularity, are not certain. We wonder about such things as the type of laser used and the areas they can safely treat. Where Laser Hair Removal Proves to Be Effective Laser hair removal in Philadelphia and other parts of the United States is commonly performed for cosmetic purposes. While it may not guarantee permanent hair removal, in Philadelphia, it remains one of the most popular means of dealing with unwanted hair on various parts of your body. Lasers have been proven safe for removal of hair on: *   Your legs *   Your armpits *   Your upper lip *   Your chin *   Your bikini line Theoretically, you can apply lasers to any part of your body where unwanted hair grows. The only exception is the eyelid and the area that surrounds it. Types of Lasers The dermatological clinic you visit will have its preference for a specific type of laser. They may even utilize different lasers for diverse parts of the body. They will definitely employ a laser that will perform correctly in relation to the pigmentation of your skin. The basic types of lasers are: *   Ruby *   Alexandrite *   Diode *   Yag *   Nd:YAG The first four were those originally approved by the United States Food and...

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