The Basic Facts About Laser Hair Removal

We women have all been there. Our unwanted hair has driven us almost around the bend and the methods have not been as satisfactory as we have wanted them to be. We have shaved, plucked, tweezed and waxed without satisfaction and sometimes with a lot of frustration. It is at this point that a friend or an ad suggests we try laser hair removal. In Philadelphia, many clinics offer this alternative.

Yet, what do we actually know about laser hair removal. In Philadelphia, the experts do admit it can be effective in removing hair on a more permanent basis. Research also supports this, although they vary as to the overall percentage that experience complete and permanent hair removal. Yet, some people, in spite of the practice’s popularity, are not certain. We wonder about such things as the type of laser used and the areas they can safely treat.

Where Laser Hair Removal Proves to Be Effective

Laser hair removal in Philadelphia and other parts of the United States is commonly performed for cosmetic purposes. While it may not guarantee permanent hair removal, in Philadelphia, it remains one of the most popular means of dealing with unwanted hair on various parts of your body. Lasers have been proven safe for removal of hair on:

*   Your legs
*   Your armpits
*   Your upper lip
*   Your chin
*   Your bikini line

Theoretically, you can apply lasers to any part of your body where unwanted hair grows. The only exception is the eyelid and the area that surrounds it.

Types of Lasers

The dermatological clinic you visit will have its preference for a specific type of laser. They may even utilize different lasers for diverse parts of the body. They will definitely employ a laser that will perform correctly in relation to the pigmentation of your skin. The basic types of lasers are:

*   Ruby
*   Alexandrite
*   Diode
*   Yag
*   Nd:YAG

The first four were those originally approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for hair removal. They work best if your skin is light and your hair is dark. The last two are capable of handling darker and tanned skin effectively.

Laser Hair Removal. Is it for You?

Only you know whether laser hair removal is suitable for you. If you decide this is what you want to try to get rid of your unwanted hair, be sure you choose a professional clinic such as Ringpfeil Advanced Dermatology. Here, you will be in the hands of experts, the best place to be whenever a medical procedure is involved.