Mining Your Clinic’s Medical Records for Relevant Data

Apr 30, 19 Mining Your Clinic’s Medical Records for Relevant Data

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As medical technology changes and grows, it is natural that you would want to include as much of it as possible in your own practice. Along with buying the newest and most innovative machines, computerized systems, and other technology into your clinic or hospital, you also may embrace the most recent changes to the manner in which medical records are kept today. This technology has done away with old-fashioned record keeping that once involved handwritten notes and filing and storing records in cabinets or on shelves. It now utilizes innovations like Mips reporting that in part involves mining existing records for data and then transferring that data to cloud or virtual files for your practice. Adding Mips reporting to your record keeping system can be a benefit to your practice if you want to stay abreast of the latest technology in your industry today. You may want to be able to quickly and effortlessly access existing patients’ records. You want to avoid searching through mounds of paper records just to find the one you need for your patient’s care. With this newest record keeping innovation, you can have the records mined and transferred to cloud storage that is set up just for your practice. The company can mine relevant data from each record and then compile it into reports that are logical, easy to read, and easily accessible from any device you or your medical staff use. This form of record keeping is also more secure and guards against disasters like floods or fires that can affect your medical practice. Even if your entire building is burned down, you still have your patients’ records stored safely in your practice’s virtual cloud. You can continue the level of care your patients are accustomed to without having to start over with paper...

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3 Benefits of Dog Daycare

Apr 22, 19 3 Benefits of Dog Daycare

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Best Dog Daycare Chicago When you have to travel overnight, or you work long hours and have to leave your dog by himself, all day, you are encouraged to find alternative care for him. A dog is not a stagnant animal. Dogs require attention, exercise and love throughout the day. It’s a good idea to start looking for the best dog daycare in Chicago near you. Taking advantage of this service is beneficial for both you and your dog. Here are three benefits a dog daycare offers. Personalized Attention At a dog daycare, before you leave your dog in the staff’s care for the first time, you will be asked several questions. The goal is to find out if your best furry friend has any conditions or characteristics that require specialized care. The staff also wants to find out what kind of specialized attention he will require. Dogs have feelings, too. They get lonely and could feel abandoned the first few times they are dropped off. The staff will do their best to help him cope until you pick him up. Exercise Dogs that are dropped off at a dog daycare are given the opportunity to stretch their legs. Depending on the length of time they are in our care, they may be allowed to run around for up to six hours. If his temperament allows, he will be able to play with other dogs, too. The staff monitors every dog to ensure they are comfortable and happy. Affordable Pricing Often, dog daycare prices are affordable. Some facilities work out a price plan for clients who drop off their dogs more often. Before your drop off your dog, inquire within. If you are looking for the best dog daycare in Chicago, contact Chicago Canine Academy for more information,...

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Protecting Your Mental Health

Apr 22, 19 Protecting Your Mental Health

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There are so many people who are dealing with mental health issues without realizing it. Whether it’s depression or schizophrenia, mental health issues are no respecter of persons. Anyone can suffer from trauma and develop a mental health condition. Because there’s such a major stigma surrounding mental health, many people don’t get the help they truly need. If you are in a position where you’d like to become more mindful of your mental state and how to protect it, consider the following tips. 1. Notice your triggers. If you tend to wake up and immediately check social media, stop this habit. Instead, connect with yourself first. Drink a glass of water. Do some stretches. Light a candle while you read a few pages out of an inspirational book. Take note of the triggers that tend to break you down. If you need to stop hanging out with certain people, make the transition. If you know that you’ll want to stop dealing with folks on the internet, log off of social media. 2. Exercise. There are plenty of people who exercise for weight loss and strength. However, there are many people who see how exercise benefits their mental clarity and stability. Endorphins get released when you do a great cardio workout or a strength-training session. Endorphins naturally boost the mood and make you feel a little better. If you’d like to regulate your mood and release some pent-up stress, exercise on a daily basis. 3. See a professional. It’s also wise to visit a center for outpatient treatment in Minneapolis if you’re struggling. Recognize the signs of a mental struggle that seem to be chronic and long-lasting. Don’t be afraid to get the help you need. Your life matters. As you implement these steps, realize that they’ll only make your life better. It might be uncomfortable to visit a facility for outpatient treatment in Minneapolis at first. However, when you meet the professionals at facilities like River Ridge you won’t be sorry that you put...

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Comments Off on Common Questions About The Importance Of Veterinary Services

Apr 10, 19 Comments Off on Common Questions About The Importance Of Veterinary Services

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When you have pets, you do everything you can to keep them happy and healthy. If your pet gets sick, it’s essential that you take the animal to a veterinarian as quickly as you can. Below you’ll learn the answers to questions about the importance of Veterinary services for your pet. Q.) What signals a veterinary emergency and immediate treatment? A.) Signs that your pet needs to see a veterinarian immediately includes bleeding, excessive diarrhea and frequent vomiting. If your pet isn’t eating or drinking and doesn’t have any energy, these symptoms also signal distress. Other serious health issues include breathing difficulties, seizures and pain. Q.) If a pet seems healthy, is it still necessary to visit a veterinarian? A.) Even though your pet may not act sick, that doesn’t always mean that your pet doesn’t have any health problems. Some health issues, such as diabetes, can be successfully treated when caught early. As a disease or condition progresses, it only gets worse and your pet could eventually have a serious health problem. A preventative checkup at least once every year is the best way that you can keep your pet healthy for many years. Q.) Is there a certain age when a pet should visit the veterinarian? A.) Pets of all ages should regularly visit a veterinarian for a wellness exam. Young animals need vet care to ensure that they are growing and developing normally. Adult dogs need frequent health exams to make sure that there are no underlying health issues. Senior animals are more prone to developing serious health conditions, so they also need frequent health screenings. Q.) What can be done for pets that are scared to visit an animal clinic? A.) Pets can become frightened when they have to visit a veterinarian. To keep from stressing out your pet, try to choose a veterinarian who performs Veterinary services in Timonium MD in a calm and caring manner. If your pet isn’t afraid of the veterinarian, the visit will go much...

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What You Need to Know About PET Scans

Apr 01, 19 What You Need to Know About PET Scans

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Any time a doctor sends you for diagnostic testing, it can be scary. However, the medical professionals who operate PET scan imaging machines are highly qualified and trained to provide the highest level of care, while obtaining the information your physician needs to diagnose and treat patients. What Is a PET Scan? The acronym PET stands for positron emission tomography. It’s a unique way of looking at the cells of the body to see if there’s any disease present like cancer. The technicians at the medical imaging center administer a special dye directly into the body, such as through an injection or intravenously. Because of the stain, specific changes in the body, if present, show up more clearly on the recorded image. These help the doctor make a diagnosis after reviewing the PET scan results in Burbank, CA. What Happens After the PET Scan? The PET scan results are generally available to your doctor within a few days. After your doctor has a chance to review the images, he or she will go over them with you at a follow-up appointment. In the meantime, the dye will take a few days to be excreted from your body; drinking plenty of water can help with this. PET scan results in Burbank, CA, are usually reviewed first by a radiologist. Then they are sent to your doctor, who will diagnose a condition if there is one present. How to Have a Positive Test Experience The best way to ensure you have a positive experience in obtaining PET scan results in Burbank, CA, is to follow the instructions from your healthcare provider and the medical imaging technologists as closely as possible. You may have specific dietary restrictions given to you a day or two before the test, or, you may be asked to drink a minimum number of glasses of water on the day of the test. The technologists may ask you to position yourself a certain way or hold still at some point. As stressed or...

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