Mining Your Clinic’s Medical Records for Relevant Data

Apr 30, 19 Mining Your Clinic’s Medical Records for Relevant Data

As medical technology changes and grows, it is natural that you would want to include as much of it as possible in your own practice. Along with buying the newest and most innovative machines, computerized systems, and other technology into your clinic or hospital, you also may embrace the most recent changes to the manner in which medical records are kept today.

This technology has done away with old-fashioned record keeping that once involved handwritten notes and filing and storing records in cabinets or on shelves. It now utilizes innovations like Mips reporting that in part involves mining existing records for data and then transferring that data to cloud or virtual files for your practice.

Adding Mips reporting to your record keeping system can be a benefit to your practice if you want to stay abreast of the latest technology in your industry today. You may want to be able to quickly and effortlessly access existing patients’ records. You want to avoid searching through mounds of paper records just to find the one you need for your patient’s care.

With this newest record keeping innovation, you can have the records mined and transferred to cloud storage that is set up just for your practice. The company can mine relevant data from each record and then compile it into reports that are logical, easy to read, and easily accessible from any device you or your medical staff use.

This form of record keeping is also more secure and guards against disasters like floods or fires that can affect your medical practice. Even if your entire building is burned down, you still have your patients’ records stored safely in your practice’s virtual cloud. You can continue the level of care your patients are accustomed to without having to start over with paper files.