Damage from Untreated Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Patients who suffer from diabetic peripheral neuropathy often experience tingling, burning, and numbness in their extremities. One area where this feeling is common is the feet and legs. Because the symptoms of this condition can appear gradually, and often don’t appear until later in life, patients sometimes ignore the symptoms thinking it’s just a part of getting older. However, if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, and you experience symptoms of nerve damage in your legs or feet, it’s beneficial to visit a foot and ankle specialist. The Woodlands, TX is home to Dr. Sean Sweeney, who specializes in helping patients reduce the damage that can be done by diabetic nerve damage. Nerve Damage and Diabetes Consistently high blood sugar levels cause nerve damage. When the nerves become damaged, they cannot effectively deliver the signals and messages that the other parts of the body need to function properly. What this means for diabetic patients is that they may not feel a bump or scrape on their feet or legs because the nerve is deadened. It can also cause a lack of feeling if that area were to become infected within the foot, ankle, or leg. Infections that go untreated can cause ulcers, so it’s important that diabetic patients pay attention to the signs of peripheral neuropathy. A regular visit with a foot and ankle specialist in The Woodlands, TX is a great way to prevent a serious problem. A podiatrist who specializes in nerve damage can assess your feet and legs to insure that there is proper blood flow and circulation and that you don’t have any unnoticed infections. Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy in the Feet and Legs There are treatments available to help patients who suffer from diabetic nerve damage. The best treatment is keeping your blood sugar under control with diabetic medications. However, this isn’t always possible and diabetes causes nerve damage. There is a surgical procedure used specifically for diabetic neuropathy that helps to reinstate feeling in the feet and legs. Dr....

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Finding the Right Sunglasses in Hutchinson, KS

May 30, 14 Finding the Right Sunglasses in Hutchinson, KS

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Our eyes are very important to us, which is why we should take care of them. They help us see the beautiful world around us and can keep us from danger. Without your vision, there are many things you will not be able to do, such as drive a car for instance. You would only be able to see things in your imagination with the way people describe what they see. Sometimes, it is an accident or a birth defect that can cause blindness. The optometrist can help detect any problems early to prevent serious damage to the eye. They also recommend Sunglasses Hutchinson KS when you are out in the sun to protect your eyes. The sun can be harsh on our whole body, including our eyes. An optometrist can help you find the right Sunglasses Hutchinson KS to fit your needs. With up to date technology and an optical lab, an optometrist can help find the right pair of glasses for you. With many styles and colors to choose from now, you will find the one that complements your face. Glasses can give a sophisticated look and eliminate the need to worry about your contacts bothering your eyes and getting dry or falling out. With Sunglasses Hutchinson KS, the sun will not bother your eyes. If you have to wear glasses at all times and choose not to go with contacts, transition lenses might be a better option. They are similar to regular glasses, but the lenses will get darker when you go outside into the sunlight. This eliminates the need for switching to sunglasses and possibly losing your other glasses. The eye doctor and staff can help you determine what is best for you. Sunglasses Hutchinson KS can also be non-prescription and just another fashion accessory for you. Sometimes, an optometrist office will run specials where you can buy one and get one half off, so if you are trying to choose between getting a regular pair of glasses and a...

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What Plans Do You Have For Your Retirement?

The end of our working days comes to all of us at some time. This raises two important concerns. Are we going to be able to reasonably support ourselves without a pay check and how will we fill our time when work no longer takes up most of it? As an adjunct to this, will we have the health and fitness required to lead an active retirement? Planning For Retirement The Government uses some of your tax dollars to ensure that retirees will not starve but Retirement Insurance Benefits are not going to provide for much more than your basic needs. Ideally, the very first day you start to work should be the day that you start investing for your retirement. If you are fortunate enough to be included in a Company pension plan, that will provide extra retirement income but, additional money from your own investments will mean a better quality of life during your retirement years. Once you have the financial planning in place, then you should also look into the question of “what are you going to do with all that spare time?” In relation to this, we should also be laying the basis for us to remain in good health beyond retirement age; not all illness can be avoided but maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise during our working years will be an investment towards retirement. Please Don’t Put Me In An Old Folks Home People who have not given any thought to retirement are most at risk of ending their days in boredom confined to a small room in a home for the elderly. Avoiding this should be the aim of your retirement planning. There are many reasons why your plan should involve selling your family home and moving into a purpose designed retirement community. Come retirement, your house will probably be too big for a retired couple whose kids have all flown the roost. It will most likely have stairs, steps and other features that will grow...

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Considerations in a Mobility Scooter in Minneapolis

Is it time to look for a Mobility Scooter in Minneapolis but you really don’t know where to begin? You may be surprised to learn that the options in scooters are quite a bit wider than they were only around a decade ago. Today’s scooters are fully equipped vehicles that can help you get around in nearly any environment in a speedy and safe fashion. This article will talk about some of the top options you might be interested in today. If you are looking for a primarily indoor scooter, you might want to look at the three wheel models. These are lightweight models that are typically fashioned with a single wheel and pointed front, and a two wheel larger back that provides stability. These scooters also come in indoor/outdoor models that are equally good on inside surfaces and outside ones like sidewalks. The three wheels scooters do tend to provide some storage space, although not an excessive amount of space. If making tight turns is important, this might be the perfect scooter for you. There is also usually a larger amount of leg room in this model, since the available space isn’t largely taken up by storage. Another type of popular Mobility Scooter in Minneapolis is the four wheels models. These models are made primarily for outdoor use, particularly on tough terrain like grass or rocks. This is often a type of scooter that can offer you a great deal of storage, and the front basket might have plenty of room for items like groceries and purses. Another area that storage might be is in the floorboard area, underneath the seat. The four wheel scooters have a strong suspension system that makes them able to support people of weights 300 pounds and up, but the maximum capacity will vary quite a bit. Companies like the 4 Day Medical Store offer a wide range of scooters that will fit nearly any lifestyle. Be sure to browse all the available options because you might just...

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The Benefits of Enjoying Thai Yoga Massage in Honolulu HI

Massage therapy is very good for relaxation and stress relief. Massage is not just one technique, but a set of techniques and methods used to produce various results. Thai Yoga Massage in Honolulu, HI is one of these techniques. Unlike conventional massage, Thai massage incorporates yoga-style stretching with pressure point focused massage, which is somewhat like shiatsu massage. The goal of Thai massage is to bring the body to balance by restoring the energy flow, referred to as sen in Thai massage. This technique helps people heal physically and mentally by unblocking the sen lines in the body. The following will discuss the primary benefits of Thai yoga massage therapy. Body Detox Besides realigning the energy flow of the meridian points of the body, this massage technique promotes the body’s ability to release and eliminate toxins. Toxins are all around you in your water, food, and in the air you breathe. Even if you have stopped using toxins and chemicals in your home or on your body, you are still ingesting them in the outside world. Your body cannot detox many of the harmful chemicals and toxins of this world without some help. The use of palming for this therapy helps you release toxins like lactic acid and others that build up in your system. It also stimulates the lymphatic system and blood flow. Improves Flexibility The Thai massage therapist uses yoga stretches to stretch out and lengthen your muscles. This technique helps enhance your flexibility and aids in the release of stored up tension. You do some of the work, but the massage therapist guides you through the stretches helping you to gently stretch further than you can by yourself. Therapists that use Thai Yoga Massage in Honolulu, HI know how to use gentle pressure to help open any tight joints and deepen your yoga stretches for maximum effectiveness. Since this form of massage helps increase energy flow, blood flow, releases tension, detoxes the body, and lengthens the muscles, it makes you feel...

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