Damage from Untreated Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Patients who suffer from diabetic peripheral neuropathy often experience tingling, burning, and numbness in their extremities. One area where this feeling is common is the feet and legs. Because the symptoms of this condition can appear gradually, and often don’t appear until later in life, patients sometimes ignore the symptoms thinking it’s just a part of getting older. However, if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, and you experience symptoms of nerve damage in your legs or feet, it’s beneficial to visit a foot and ankle specialist. The Woodlands, TX is home to Dr. Sean Sweeney, who specializes in helping patients reduce the damage that can be done by diabetic nerve damage.

Nerve Damage and Diabetes

Consistently high blood sugar levels cause nerve damage. When the nerves become damaged, they cannot effectively deliver the signals and messages that the other parts of the body need to function properly. What this means for diabetic patients is that they may not feel a bump or scrape on their feet or legs because the nerve is deadened. It can also cause a lack of feeling if that area were to become infected within the foot, ankle, or leg.

Infections that go untreated can cause ulcers, so it’s important that diabetic patients pay attention to the signs of peripheral neuropathy. A regular visit with a foot and ankle specialist in The Woodlands, TX is a great way to prevent a serious problem. A podiatrist who specializes in nerve damage can assess your feet and legs to insure that there is proper blood flow and circulation and that you don’t have any unnoticed infections.

Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy in the Feet and Legs

There are treatments available to help patients who suffer from diabetic nerve damage. The best treatment is keeping your blood sugar under control with diabetic medications. However, this isn’t always possible and diabetes causes nerve damage. There is a surgical procedure used specifically for diabetic neuropathy that helps to reinstate feeling in the feet and legs. Dr. Sean Sweeney is a foot and ankle specialist in The Woodlands, TX area who has the training and knowledge to perform this specialized surgery. Because your health is important, always make sure that your pain does not go unnoticed and that you express your concerns about possible nerve damage to your doctor. Click here to know more.