Determining the Possibility of a Sinus Infection in Allentown PA

If a person has suffered from a sinus infection in the past, they know how unpleasant these can be. For starters, it is much worse than a simple stuffy nose. Not underestimating Sinus Infection in Allentown PA is the first step people should take. Understanding sinus infections When an infection takes place in the nasal cavity and spreads to the sinuses, the latter are inflamed and become infected. This issue is better known as “sinusitis”. With a clogged nose, purulent discharge, headaches, sinusitis is sometimes difficult to treat and can become chronic. What are the treatments and what is the difference between a sinusitis and a simple cold? Headaches, stuffy nose, and nasal discharge are all symptoms of a Sinus Infection in Allentown PA. Sinus infections can be of an allergic origin or due to a virus, a bacterium, or a fungus. When it lasts a few weeks, doctors may consider the issue “acute sinusitis” but if it lasts for several months, then it is a form of chronic sinus infection. This problem affects between 5 and 15% of the nation. What occurs during a sinus infection? The sinuses are small cavities filled with air, dug in the facial part of the bones of the skull. These sinuses are eight in number, four on each side of the face. The best known are the maxillary sinuses. They are located under the eyes, on both sides of the nose. Above the eyes, there are the frontal sinuses. Between the two eyes, there are the ethmoid sinuses. And at the bottom, located in the middle of the skull, are the sphenoidal sinuses. What are the main functions of sinuses? When breathing, air enters through the nose and reaches the sinuses. The sinuses serve to moisten the air, to warm it, and to filter it. To play their role, they must be clear. They are also lined with a ciliated mucosa. The movement of nose hairs and the secretion of mucus allow the body to eliminate any...

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Sidestep the Major Side Effects of Prescription Stimulants with Herbal Alternatives

Aug 08, 17 Sidestep the Major Side Effects of Prescription Stimulants with Herbal Alternatives

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Whether it’s for the treatment of conditions like Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) or to enable adults to increase their energy, improve focus and power through workouts to achieve greater weight loss, Americans love their energy-boosters. Unfortunately, stimulant drugs have some of the most severe side effects. Side Effects that Leave Parents Scared These adverse effects can also be faced by users who are older, especially those who have been taking these medications consistently for a long period of time. Reported side effects of medications like Ritalin and Adderall include: Chest pains and heart disease with continued use Insomnia and resulting fatigue Anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation Eating disorders, abdominal pain, and digestive system damage Inhibition of growth With all of these possible side effects, it’s no wonder, so many parents seek to avoid treatment for their children with these medications. The Herbal Difference Luckily for concerned parents, there are more natural alternatives. Addrena is one of the several available herb-based supplements, and therefore Addrena side effects are different, less numerous and far less severe than those of prescription stimulants. This is not to say that there are no potential side effects for Addrena users. Some of the most common among these include: Headache Dizziness Sleep disturbance Appetite loss Less common side effects include mild to moderate chest pain and increase in the symptoms of depression and anxiety. This is magnified with misuse, such as overdosing, taking Addrena with other stimulants such as caffeine, and taking the medication on an empty stomach or later in the day when sleep disruption is more likely. Avoiding these risk factors means greatly reducing the likelihood that users will suffer from these possible Addrena side effects. Ultimately, it’s nearly impossible to take a stimulant medication without some kind of side effects. For the best possible outcome, a physician should always be consulted when considering a new medication, and those with known sensitivities to the herbal ingredients in drugs like Addrena should use extreme caution or avoid...

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