Key Things You Need to Know if You’re Considering a Brow Lift

Oct 15, 19 Key Things You Need to Know if You’re Considering a Brow Lift

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If you feel that your sagging brow line is detracting from your otherwise youthful appearance, you may want to consider a brow lift in Los Angeles, CA, to take a few years off. A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, is designed to reposition a sagging brow. What the Risks of Getting a Brow Lift? A brow lift is a safe procedure. If you are healthy, then you will probably not have to worry about having any complications. However, there is no such thing as a risk-free procedure. Scarring, changes in skin sensation, and hair loss are some possible risks of getting a brow lift. How to Prepare for a Brow Lift You do not have to do anything special to prepare for a brow lift. However, you will have to meet with a plastic surgeon prior to getting this procedure. The surgeon will do an exam and review your medical history. He or she will also talk with you about your expectations. If you smoke, then you will need to stop doing so before your procedure. You may also need to avoid taking certain medications. Talk to your plastic surgeon about the types of medications that you are taking. Furthermore, you will need to arrange for someone to drive you home and stay with you for several hours after surgery. Benefits of Getting a Brow Lift Smooth out wrinkles on your forehead Elevate your brow to a natural position on your forehead Reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, the wrinkles around the corners of your eyes Remove excess skin How Long Do the Results of a Brow Lift Last? The results of a brow lift can last anywhere from five to 10 years. Sun damage can cause your skin to age again. The natural aging process can also lead to more sagging. If you’re thinking of getting a brow lift in Los Angeles, CA, then you can contact VIP Plastic Surgery at We’d be happy to meet with you and...

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Butt Augmentation Surgery May Be Right For You

Have you ever experienced that problem that no matter how often you exercise, you just can’t achieve the size of butt that you want? The good news is that there are now different ways for you to make your butt look bigger and firmer. One of the most recommended solutions is for you to undergo body contouring implant for the butt. Nowadays, there are a lot of people who consider the buttock augmentation procedure. But just before you finally decide to undergo this procedure, it helps that you are aware of the steps undertaken before, during, and after the procedure. Benefits of Butt Augmentation There are just plenty of reasons why people try buttock enhancement. For those who have been trying to enhance the look of their butt through exercise but still to no avail, undergoing the buttock enlargement procedure is one of the options. There are different advantages that the patient can get. For one, it can make their waist appear smaller. You can also notice that there is an improved in their overall appearance especially when you get to achieve the kind of well-proportioned butt. This increases your overall self-confidence which can bring so many positive changes not just in the way how you look at yourself but how you relate to other people as well. Another amazing benefit of undergoing a buttock implant is that you get to look younger. As people age, the butt tends to sag and with this procedure, it somehow restores the overall look of a person. What to Expect Once you have finally decided whether you want to undergo this procedure, the very first step is for you to make an initial consultation with your preferred plastic surgeon. Make sure that you find a certified and reliable surgeon who can guarantee you the results you desire. Your surgeon will conduct an evaluation of your buttocks. The different parts will be examined and the doctor will provide you with the different options available to improve the overall...

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