Three Things Every Transgender Man Should Know About Top Surgery

Jul 15, 21 Three Things Every Transgender Man Should Know About Top Surgery

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Elective cosmetic mastectomy, or top surgery, is usually the next step that transgender men take after hormone therapy. For many patients, it’s the only surgical intervention they undergo. If you’re ready to get the chest you always wanted, here are three things you need to know about transman tope surgery. Final Results Aren’t Immediate Your chest will be swollen and bruised immediately after surgery, so remember to have realistic expectations. While you may not be happy with the results right away, you should be confident enough to strut your stuff on the beach after a few weeks. Breast Tissue Doesn’t Grow Back One common concern that transman tope surgery patients have is whether their breasts will grow back if they gain weight. Because surgery removes the actual breast tissue and not just fat cells, it’s unlikely that the chest will ever regain a feminine appearance even with significant weight gain. Weight-training Can Enhance Results Although pumping iron should be avoided for six to eight weeks after surgery, weight-bearing exercise before the procedure and after healing can enhance your final results. Muscles help to fill out the skin and provide a more masculine appearance. Do you want to have your top surgery done at the destination of choice for the transgender community? International Center for Transgender Care provides both surgical and non-surgical services in a technologically advanced facility with experienced, compassionate...

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