Streamlined Medical Revenue Cycle Management is What Your Company Needs to Succeed!

Feb 23, 15 Streamlined Medical Revenue Cycle Management is What Your Company Needs to Succeed!

Medical revenue cycle management has simplified the old methods of office operation. It automatically streamlines the entire payment cycle of receiving, processing, and posting payments. By employing this management method, the medical staff no longer needs to spend time on such tedious tasks as sorting mail, matching paper payments with electronic payments, generating advice on payments expected to be received or made, posting payments and writing out deposit tickets. By employing the proper system, the staff will be able to turn their focus to more important matters of business.

The Best System and the Best Service

At DuvaSawko Emergency Medical Billing and Management Solutions, we provide medical revenue cycle management for many different emergency medicine groups across America. Our reputation in the industry has never been less than the best. We offer full-service solutions with our state of the art systems, including:

1. Superior customer service

2. No outsourcing, EVER

3. Competitive prices

4. Trend analysis

5. Customized reporting and management

6. Accurate claim handling processes

7. Productivity Bonus Program Development Services

We Provide the Tools Your Practice Needs to Thrive

The medical revenue cycle management services we provide for you at DuvaSawko Emergency Medical Billing and Management Solutions will ensure that you receive the most thorough analysis of your billing practices. Many emergency medical practices face a lot of issues with inefficient billing methods which can and usually do lead to significant problems with revenue. We work tirelessly to bring you all of the revenue that is owed to you.

With our extensive experience you can trust that we will make the process of your medical billing revenue cycle more effective and easier to work with than before. We employ a team of highly trained and seasoned professionals who work diligently to improve your practice. We ensure that each and every transaction gets properly recorded and that all of your required documents and financial reports are generated on time. We put your business in the position it needs to be in to thrive.

Benefits of Streamlining Your Medical Revenue Cycle Management

For emergency medical practices and doctors, the benefits of our systems are clear. We provide revenue cycle management designed to save on both time and money. Patients also benefit from our systems. We will make sure that every invoice is sent in an accurate and timely manner, ensuring that they will be able to receive clear and concise billing statements on time. Our full-service solutions allow you the ability to evaluate your patient’s financial situations and offer options for payment plans.