Adult Stem Cell Therapy Los Angeles: A Few Basics Stem Cell Basics

What is a stem cell? In simple terms, a stem cell is a microscopic blank cell. These unspecialized cells have the ability to renew themselves through cell division, evolving into a brand new stem cell or a different type of cell altogether. Adult stem cells, which are also referred to as “tissue stem cells”, can have their origin in any organ, beginning at the stage of the fetus. Adult stem cells essentially take on the role of healers, and for several decades have been studied to determine their value of treating disease in many forms. Stem cells have seen scientific advances in recent years, but much more research is still needed in this field of medicine.

Adult Stem Cell Therapy

How do these stem cells work to repair other cells? Adult type stem cells are found in our body tissues and organs, placentas, umbilical cords, amniotic fluid, bone marrow, even in cadavers. If cells can reproduce in large enough quantities, they can be used for treating a whole range of medical complications. This opens up the possibility of treatment for autoimmune diseases, heart problems, and a host of other health issues. Although it may seem beyond our scope of understanding, this is a real healing process provided by our own bodies. Adult stem cell therapy in Los Angeles is available from the qualified and experienced MetroMD Institute of Regenerative Medicine.

How Does it Work?

Adult stem cell therapy in Los Angeles may be a viable treatment option for your health concerns including diabetes, joint disease, and chronic heart disease. A stem cell transplant is a multi-step process, beginning with collecting stem cells from the patient. Those cells are then placed back into the body, where they work to target damaged tissues and begin to replenish the healthy cells. Stem cells can also be extracted and stored for future transplants, should health conditions arise for the patient. The mission at MetroMD Institute is to offer patients effective treatment in stem cell therapy. If you meet the qualifications, adult stem cell therapy at MetroMD Los Angeles could be the answer you have been looking for your health needs.

Regenerative medicine involves the science of using the body’s resources to essentially heal itself. If you are interested in learning more about innovative solutions such as stem cell transplant therapy, contact a qualified physician to make an appointment for more information. The team of experienced professionals at MetroMD are experts in stem cell medicine with a history of successful procedures and satisfied patients. As stem cell therapy research continues to advance in the medical field, regenerative medicine could be the solution to your health concerns.