Enjoyable and Comfortable Assisted Living in Pennsylvania

Feb 20, 17 Enjoyable and Comfortable Assisted Living in Pennsylvania

Assisted living is an excellent option for seniors who wish for a high degree of independence but who genuinely need assistance with some of their daily living including self-care and grooming, cooking and eating, walking, or medication management. At Chelsea Senior Living, the staff ensures that all health care, daily care, and psychological needs are taken care of without taking away the resident’s dignity or self-reliance. The best assisted living facilities are those that recognize that each resident will have a different level of functioning in core areas, and to provide exactly what the resident needs, no more and no less. Some residents at assisted living facilities will have special needs, including patients with Alzheimer’s or mood disorders. The staff at Chelsea is trained to address these and other needs, working in tandem with a health care team and primary care physicians, as well as in conjunction with family and caregivers. In fact, family members and caregivers are invited to take part in creating the ideal assisted living situation for their loved ones.

In Pennsylvania, Chelsea offers some of the best and most flexible assisted living options. The residents can feel completely comfortable and at home, designing their living space as they like, decorated with mementos. A daily schedule can be important, but does not need to be rigid. Seniors may find that their daily lives are filled with fun activities, and even busier and more social than they were prior to moving into the facility. Therefore, assisted living can represent a positive beginning, a new chapter in a wonderful life. With the security of knowing that staff is on hand to prevent falls, prevent medication errors, and ensure proper nutrition, the residents and family members can focus on what matters: spending time with loved ones and living life to its fullest.