How Drug Rehab on the Beach Can Help People Recover From Addiction

Apr 23, 15 How Drug Rehab on the Beach Can Help People Recover From Addiction

Galt Ocean Rehab has the perfect location for treating patients with addiction issues. Our facility is located right on the Atlantic Ocean in the Fort Lauderdale area, which helps provide a relaxing atmosphere for patients who need help overcoming drug or alcohol addiction. Along with substance abuse issues, some of our patients are also treated for mental illness and the beach atmosphere provides a calm, soothing place for them to recover.

Our Rehab Facilities

For patients who are participating in our partial hospitalization program, we formulate a treatment plan to help them recover from their addiction in our drug rehab on the beach. During their stay, patients are taught coping skills for when they crave drugs and learn basic life skills to help them after their stay at our facility is over. These life skills include learning how to cook healthy food, shopping and budgeting money.

One reason that cooking is an essential life skill to learn is because healthy eating habits can help give our patients more energy and boost their self-esteem. When under the influence of drugs, most addicts eat poorly, which can leave them feeling rundown with little energy to take care of themselves and their responsibilities. Not only do they suffer from a lack of energy, but if they have family, especially children, they also do not eat as well and can suffer. Healthy eating habits can help them regain the energy they need to live a better life.

Along with life skills, we also offer counseling to help improve our patient’s self-esteem. Our staff helps them learn how to better their appearance with grooming advice, which can help boost their image of themselves. Most addicts suffer from low self-esteem. With counseling and other advice, we work to help patients improve that aspect of their life. Better self-esteem can give them the courage they need to socialize with others and seek employment.

Beachside Activities

With our beachside facility, we encourage patients to participate in outdoor activities and exercise as well. Some of our beach activities include doing yoga on the beach, participating in meditation classes, running, swimming, and learning martial arts such as Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a wonderful exercise, but it also requires concentration, which makes it a good all round activity for people to learn.

Drug rehab on the beach is also good for helping to calm anxiety and learn how to manage stress and anger. The beach is a tranquil place that helps to calm many people, even those that do not have addiction issues. Galt Ocean Rehab takes advantage of their location to help our patients overcome their addiction issues by giving them the skills they need to live a better quality of life.