4 Ways to Help Your Loved One Recover

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC says there were about 33,091 death sin 2015 due to drug overdose. That’s a colossal amount of deaths due to drug abuse. You can do your part in stopping it. If you know a family or friend who suffers from addiction, reach out to help. Look for the right facility Recovery starts with treatment. Once your loved one is ready to commit to recovery, you’ll need to start scouring through drug rehab facilities, looking for the right one. But that’s often easier said than done. Better start by… Doing your research There are plenty of resources available online. Don’t let these go to waste. Look around for reliable sites and go from there. Finding the right rehab facility should be so much easier with a site that offers a network of all the possible treatment centers in your area. Forget about the myths Stop believing in myths. Read up on the subject from trusted soruces instead so you’d know fact from myth. Knowing as much as you can about drug abuse helps you gain insight and a well-rounded perspective into what your loved one is going through. This can have a significantly positive effect on your relationship with the recovering addict and help repair the damage that the addiction caused. Be there Support is crucial in recovery. The lack of one could push recovering addicts to relapse or go on a downward spiral. By being there, you can provide your loved one with a source of strength that could help them pull through the experience. Support also improves the pace of recovery for many patients. By being there, doing your research and finding drug rehab facilities that provide for the needs of your loved one, you can help them get on the road to recovery that much...

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Three Reasons for Infant Checkups

Mar 08, 17 Three Reasons for Infant Checkups

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Newborn babies are delicate. Their bodies are not accustomed to the impurities of the world, and their organs are much smaller than those of an adult. For an adult, a mild cold is an inconvenience. But that same cold can put a small baby in the hospital. Taking your baby to a pediatrician for an infant checkup in North Charleston, SC can help you know what to look for in case of illness. There are other benefits to regular checkups as well. Three of the reasons you should take your baby to regular checkup appointments include monitoring the growth of the baby, learning what is abnormal for an infant and preventing future illnesses. Monitoring Baby’s Growth At each good visit, a baby’s growth is monitored. Usually, the weight, height and head size are measured and recorded. This helps the pediatrician know how well the baby is growing. A lack of weight gain could indicate the baby is not receiving enough nutrition and the doctor could recommend some supplements to help the infant thrive. Additionally, abnormal jumps in growth could also cause concern, and the pediatrician might suggest some further testing to be done. But it is important to make sure that your baby is growing properly and this can be done at a regular infant checkup in North Charleston, SC. Learning What to Expect Your pediatrician is a great resource for learning what milestones your child should be reaching and when. This can help both you and the doctor catch early detections of vision, hearing and other developmental problems. At these visits, the doctor can also give you suggestions of things to look for that indicate when your baby is ill. It can be hard to differentiate between when your baby is sick and when you are simply paranoid, so speaking with your doctor on things to watch out for can give you peace of mind. Preventing Future Illnesses At an infant checkup in North Charleston, SC, your pediatrician will want to discuss vaccinations...

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Revolutionary New Skin Tightening Treatments Honolulu Doctors Use

Mar 08, 17 Revolutionary New Skin Tightening Treatments Honolulu Doctors Use

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With today’s technology, getting rid of unwanted wrinkles doesn’t have to involve going under the knife. By using new and revolutionary Skin Tightening Treatments Honolulu residents can regain the appearance of youth and the confidence that goes along with it. The newest treatment to be approved by the FDA is known as Pelleve. It uses radio-wave technology to heat the layers of skin responsible for producing collagen. This heat causes the skin to tighten up and contract and encourages the production of new collagen. Many common treatments for facial wrinkles require anesthesia and at least a few days of downtime. With these newly developed Skin Tightening Treatments Honolulu patients can be treated right in the doctor’s office and return to their lives without fear of extensive bruising or swelling. The only thing the patient will feel while the procedure is being performed is a warming sensation. No anesthesia is necessary, and since the skin doesn’t have to be numb, the doctor can actually use the patients sensory experience to ensure that he or she is providing the best results. Also unlike many other existing treatments, the effects of radio-wave skin tightening are almost immediate. The treatment takes about an hour, and the only recovery symptoms patients need to expect are mild swelling and redness of skin that last from two to three hours. Most patients are able to return immediately to work or to their homes without even a need to cover up the affected area. Most other treatments require many applications to get results. Anesthesia and several days of healing time are generally also required for more conventional treatments. In comparison, Pelleve is safe and effective for treatment of the face and the area around the eyes that does not leave extensive bruising or cause any pain. Visit here for more details. Interested in finding out more about this and other options for Skin Tightening Treatments Honolulu doctors can offer? The Hawaii Vision Clinic in Honolulu offers more than just eyeglasses. Their skilled...

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Medical Cannabis and Cancer

Cancer rates are on the rise in the United States. Thankfully research is providing new and more effective treatment for you in the event that you are diagnosed with cancer. The prognosis of many different cancers have greatly improved over the last several decades. Many people dedicate their lives to finding treatments and managing the disease. Medical cannabis is starting to become more readily available in a number of states. This new acceptance has allowed doctors to further explore some of the potential treatment options that exist for cancer. Medical marijuana has been shown to be effective at treating pain from cancer and improve your quality of life while you are undergoing chemotherapy to treat your cancer. Additionally, emerging research is showing that medical cannabis may be able to shrink some cancerous tumors. Medical marijuana can be accessed from medical marijuana dispensaries in Cook County after your doctor recommends its use in your case. Pain Management Pain is a symptom of cancer. Your life when in constant pain can be greatly improved with the use of medical marijuana. It is a proven pain management drug that has fewer side effects than the traditional pain medications, such as Percocet and Vicodin. Reduction of Chemotherapy Reactions Chemotherapy is a common treatment method for many different types of cancers. While you can be assured that chemotherapy has advanced significantly in its effectiveness and its side effects have been reduced, there are still many ill affects you may experience while receiving chemotherapy treatment. These include pain, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, and general weakness. Medical marijuana has been shown to improve many of these side effects. Pain management from medical marijuana is widely shown. You can also expect less nausea when taking medical marijuana. It can also improve your appetite. Proper nutrition allows your body to heal more effectively and improves your quality of life by increasing energy and reducing the weakness seen from chemotherapy. New Research on Tumors There is new research being done that shows the potential...

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Chromotherapy: What is It and How the Lights Affect the Body and Mind

Each year after the autumn months hit there is a decrease in the amount of sunlight that is available for a person to enjoy. From fall until spring, some people suffer from a disorder that is affected by the change in the seasons. Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, can affect the person’s energy level and their mood which can often result in them sinking into a state of depression during the winter months. Chromotherapy is a therapy that uses the vibration frequencies of different colors that sunlight provides to stimulate areas of a person’s body, mind, and senses. The Different Colors Used and How They Can be Beneficial Purple helps people who are suffering from chronic pain by stimulating the white blood cells and spleen while decreasing their heart rate. This color provides a sense of tranquility for the person. Green is used to help calm a person down and make them feel relaxed. Red lighting in Chromotherapy is known to increase a person’s energy level and help stimulate new skin growth. Yellow can make a person feel more spiritually grounded. Orange will stimulate a person’s mental activity and encourage a better mood. Blue can help lessen the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and pain in a person. White lighting increases the level of vitamin D in a person’s body and helps make it easier for the person to gain the benefits of the different colors that are used in light therapy. You Do Not have to Let the Winter Blues Get You Down when a Solution is Available If you are looking for a way to help beat depression in the winter months and promote a healthier body and mind, you should consider light therapy offered through infrared saunas. Health Mate offers a variety of products that can be used to help relax the mind and body to promote an overall better health. From a small foot sauna to a therapy lounge, you can find the product that you require to help fight the...

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