Transgender breast implants is a very safe surgery

Dec 05, 17 Transgender breast implants is a very safe surgery

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Breast augmentation or breast implants are one of the most common and safe surgeries for the transwoman that improves her self-esteem, confidence and allows her to “blend into” society.  The breasts represent femininity and beauty, and when combined with estrogen therapy, can have a dramatic result on achieving a feminine appearance. Transgender breast implants is a very safe surgery and is relatively the same as breast augmentation for genetic women.  However, due to masculinization of the body during male puberty, the rig cage and shoulders may be larger which requires careful measuring and assessment by the surgeon. So this is done on an individual basis during the consultation. The implants can be placed through various ways and are either above or below the muscle.  The implants can be inserted through the areola, armpit or below the breast.  Below the breast can result in a more visible scar but this scar can fade over time.  Also, there are various shapes that can be used ranging from round/smooth to teardrop shape which is more anatomically correct.  All of these options will be carefully discussed with you during your consultation. Recovery time for transgender breast implants is fairly quick.  Many transwomen go back to work within 1-2 weeks.  During the first few days after surgery, the area will be sore and tender. The pain can be managed with medication. Additionally, you will be required to wear a compress bandage and instructed on how to massage the breasts.  Over time, the breasts will “drop” into a more natural position. It is important to be on estrogen therapy for at least 1 year prior to surgery so the body has time to naturally develop breasts.  This allows the surgeon to correctly assess the right size and shape for you. At the International Center for Transgender Care, our surgeons have over twenty years of experience treating transgender patients.  Contact us to schedule a consultation at (972) 543-2477. We look forward to assisting you in achieving the very best results for...

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