5 Factors to Consider Before You Choose an MRI Center

Aug 10, 18 5 Factors to Consider Before You Choose an MRI Center

There are plenty of reasons to get an MRI. If your doctor tells you to book an appointment for one, don’t be afraid to ask why. MRI’s for headaches and low back pain may indicate that your doctor suspects something. Talk it out with your physician before you take the test, the CBS News says.

Don’t know where to go for one? Read on for helpful tips on how to find an MRI center.

Use of advanced technology

When you choose a healthcare center for your imaging exam, find one that uses advanced technology and equipment. Old and outdated equipment may not give the most accurate results.

Open MRI

Have a fear of tight places? Getting an imaging exam may turn out to be a nightmare for you. No worries, though. Look for a healthcare clinic that has an open MRI design. That way, you won’t have to worry about your claustrophobia acting up during the medical test.


Be sure to check the credentials of the doctors in the facility. Do they have the proper qualifications? Are they experienced, trained and skilled? You’ll want to make sure you’re in good hands and nothing says that much more effectively than a having qualified doctors attend to you during the test.


It may be a good idea to pick an MRI center that’s close to you or in your neighborhood. Easy access will make it convenient for you to come by for your appointments. You won’t have to worry about traffic making you miss your appointments. You’ll get there on time.


It’s not enough to know that the healthcare facility has excellent doctors on the team. It also pays to consider the clinic’s staff. Are they skilled? Are they courteous, helpful and patient in providing you with the answers you need? Make sure that’s the case.