5 Signs Your Child Has Substance Abuse Problems

Mar 06, 19 5 Signs Your Child Has Substance Abuse Problems

Teenagers have often been known to experiment with drugs and alcohol. Many of the cases end in drug abuse, though. If you’re baffled with and confused by the changes in your teen, though, then that may be your first sign. Here are a few other indications to watch out for if you think your teen is struggling with drug abuse.

Changes in sleeping behavior

Drugs can either stimulate your teen or make him fall asleep. If your child seems more excited or drowsy than usual, then look for other signs that may point to drug abuse, the Reader’s Digest says.


If your teen is irritable, then that could be another indication that she may be abusing drugs. If she cuts off any communication from her old friends, doesn’t talk to you or anyone in your family and generally snarly or touchy, then talk it out. Find out what’s wrong. It’s rare for a teenager to admit to drug use but being a calm presence can encourage your child to open up.


If your child is stealing money, it could be because she’s trying to fund her addiction. That also means your child has started to engage in at-risk behaviors, which is a sign that she needs professional help. It would be best if you start looking for a Denver drug rehab for teens as soon as possible.

Low grades

If your teenager’s grades have always been good and all of a sudden, they all start taking a nosedive, then that’s a clear indication of problems at school. It’s time you talked to your teen.

Changes in eating habits

If your teen seems to be losing or gaining weight much too quickly, that could be caused by drug use. If you suspect substance abuse, seek out help. Call a Denver drug rehab for teens and find out how you can get your child into treatment.