An Urgent Care Clinic In Salem OR Offers Service Outside of Business Hours

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Healthcare

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Urgent care at a Clinic in Salem, OR is a suitable alternative to emergency care for a large number of injuries and illnesses. Over the years, emergency rooms have faced a shortage of doctors and nurses along with an increasing influx of patients. Urgent care fills the gap when a sickness or an injury is not life-threatening. Patients can come to these facilities and utilize them as a walk-in when they’ve suffered an injury such as a second-degree burn or a wound that isn’t bleeding profusely enough to be immediately dangerous. They can also bring a child who has developed an earache or a case of tonsillitis.

A Urgent Care Clinic In Salem, OR that provides urgent care services will be open some of the time outside of normal business hours. A facility such as SwiftCare LLC, for example, is open on weekends. If an area resident or a tourist needs fast medical attention on a Saturday or Sunday, this is a welcome option. The patient doesn’t need to go to a hospital emergency room, where he or she will probably have to wait a long time as other patients with critical needs are seen first.

Parents of a young child who is crying about the pain of an earache don’t want to make the little one suffer all weekend, even though they know the problem is not a true crisis. When over-the-counter pain relief medication doesn’t help, they appreciate the opportunity to go to a medical clinic that is open outside of regular business hours. If they had to take the child to an emergency room, they might wait for more than an hour or two for care.

Even a painful bone fracture may not be viewed as a high-priority situation in an emergency room if the fracture is not life-threatening or causing other complications. This patient will be seen by a doctor quickly at an urgent care center, but will have to wait at an emergency room while doctors attend to patients who have suffered heart attacks or experienced severe injuries in a vehicle accident. Visit the website of SwiftCare LLC for more information about urgent care services.

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