Benefits of Home Health Care in Miami, FL for Diabetic Patients

by | Jun 11, 2021 | Healthcare

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If your aging loved one has diabetes and needs nursing services, consider the benefits of home health care in Miami, FL. Depending on the need and level of care that the diabetic patient requires, a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse can either “live in,” or “come and go.” Here are some benefits of hiring home health care personal for your senior loved one with diabetes.

Administer Insulin

Self-administering insulin can be challenging for diabetics who have vision problems or for those who have cognitive deficits. The home health nurse can monitor your loved one’s blood glucose levels and administer insulin per the physician’s orders. Furthermore, the nurse will monitor the patient for signs and symptoms of both hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. If signs and symptoms are noticed, the healthcare provider can contact the physician, who may adjust the insulin dosage or recommend that the patient be transported to the hospital for evaluation and further treatment.

Wound Care

Diabetics, especially those who have uncontrolled diabetes, may be at high risk for developing diabetic skin ulcers on their lower extremities. These ulcers are typically caused by diabetes-related circulatory problems. If not recognized and treated appropriately, the ulcers may become infected and cause tissue damage. Another benefit of seeking home health care in Miami, FL, for your loved one is that the nurse can perform wound care to promote healing of the skin tissue. The nurse can also monitor the ulcers for changes and report them to the physician.

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