Caregivers in Simi Valley, CA: Signs Your Loved One Needs a Caregiver

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It’s hard to admit that your loved needs some assistance. The good thing is there are signs revealing it’s time to start looking for senior caregivers in Simi Valley, CA.

Hygiene Issues

One sign to look for are hygiene issues. Some folks who reach a certain age start to forget these basic things or think they’ve already done it, so they start to have hygiene issues. This could include bad breath or a bad body odor. If this is happening to your loved one, you might need help.

Stacks of Mail

Another sign telling you it’s time to start looking for good senior caregivers in Simi Valley, CA, deals with the mail. If your loved one is letting mail stack up, then it might be time to worry. These stacks of mail could contain important bills, but your loved one is now forgetting. A caregiver can help sort them out and go through them.


You care about your loved one, but you can’t be with them all day. This could lead to loneliness, and that’s a bad thing. This feeling could cause depression, and no one wants that for their loved ones. It could actually be dangerous for them, but a caregiver could give your loved one attention, and that’s important at any age.

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