Caring for Extensions after Purchasing Cheap Clip in Hair Extensions

Apr 30, 14 Caring for Extensions after Purchasing Cheap Clip in Hair Extensions

Women who want long, luxurious hair should consider buying cheap clip in hair extensions. These can be less expensive and healthier for your hair than the traditional extensions that are glued in. However, after they are purchased and used, it is important to know how to care for them properly so they look better longer.

Before and after wearing the hair extensions, comb them so that there are no tangles or knots. You should use a wire comb with wide spaces between the teeth.

Whenever the extensions need to be washed, you should turn on the hot and cold water until you have warm (not hot) water. Do not wet your extensions while you are in the shower. Remove the extensions and use a regular water faucet, such as in the bathroom sink. Gently wet one extension. Put a small amount of sulfate-free shampoo on your extension. Gently comb the product into the extension with your fingers. Do not rub the extension because it will cause more tangles and make the extension appear fizzy over time.

Rinse out the shampoo completely, but be gentle. If you use your fingers to incorporate the shampoo, then you should use them to rinse it out. Start at the top of the extension and move downwards to the ends. Condition your hair extension as you would your normal hair. You can use any conditioner you prefer, though you may want to use one for color-treated hair. This will ensure your extension is soft and shiny.

Rinse out the conditioner using the warm water and let the extension air dry. Place the wet extension on a regular bath towel or hang it up, if possible. Once the extension is dry, comb it again. If you must dry your extensions with a blow dryer because you are in a hurry, then you need to apply a heat protect ant product to the extension first.

Once you have one extension drying, you can continue with the next extension. It will be easier to do the process one at a time; otherwise, you will have multiple extensions to rinse out. You only need to shampoo/condition the cheap clip in human hair extensions once a week.

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