Chinatown, Chicago Now Offers Free COVID Vaccinations for Residents

Oct 20, 21 Chinatown, Chicago Now Offers Free COVID Vaccinations for Residents

Some sections of Chicago have been harder to reach with Covid testing and vaccinations. Studies show that these areas usually encompass large populations of minorities. In Chicago’s case, the areas of concern are Chinatown in Chicago’s southwest side. One third of all of Chicago’s Chinese Americans live in this enclave, and many have not received a Covid test much less a vaccination. To address these health issues and assist Chinatown’s residents with fighting the pandemic, a strategic placement for testing and vaccinations has been set up. Here’s how you can get your free Covid vaccination in Chinatown, Chicago.

Walk-ins Are Welcome, but Appointments Streamline the Process

Because the state health department doesn’t want to turn anyone away for lack of vaccines or lack of tests, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment for your free Covid vaccination in Chinatown. You can just walk in, but you may be waiting several hours depending on the day and time. If you schedule an appointment instead, you may be allowed to line-jump ahead of those that did not make an appointment.

Request a Test, a Vaccination, or Both

Because Covid tests and vaccines are still free to anyone who wants them, you can ask for one or the other or both. The test will tell you if you currently have Covid, but you may have to wait a few days for the results. If you don’t show any symptoms, you can get the vaccine now, or wait for your test results and then get the vaccine. Contact Prism Vaccinations and Health Labs Schaumburg, via free Covid vaccination Chinatown