Companies That Make Cannabis-Infused Edibles Around The United States

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Healthcare

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Cannabis edibles have begun to find new popularity among patients with doctor recommendations for their ailments. Edibles are available in variety of formats in many stores and dispensaries in states that have legalized the medical use of this substance. Patients report a longer-lasting effect of the THC, due to the concentrated but delayed effect of cannabis food products. However, a few companies seem to stand out above the rest when producing these mouth-watering treats.


Based out of Colorado, Dixie is at the heart of recreational and medicinal usage of cannabis. The company has concocted recipes for chocolates, elixirs, dewdrops, mints, lotions, and THC infused capsules for use on the go. Each piece is handcrafted by the company’s bakers with pure THC. Dixie has mandated batch testing, triple lab testing each product to make sure the edibles contain the right amount of THC. This company has been around since 2010, right after Colorado’s amount of dispensaries outnumbered the Starbucks shops in the Denver area. Dixie distributes to dispensaries in both California and Colorado at this time.


Yilo’s products come straight out of their main store in Phoenix, Arizona; however, their delectable treats have made it to most of the dispensaries all over the desert state. They make tea, juices, chocolate bars, tootsie rolls, gummies, brownies, lollipops, ice pops, a generic version of Twinkies, cookies, and other edibles. Their main store is open daily for any patient to obtain the edibles they want with proper documentation and recommendation from their doctor.

Miss Mary Jane’s Edibles

Miss Mary Jane’s Edibles started as a tiny bakery in Orange County, California with a few specialties up their sleeve. They distribute to other stores in California, but you must had an ID card to purchase any marijuana or marijuana products in the state. They offer three types of cake pops, three types of cake truffles, two types of brittle, and numerous options when it comes to brownies and mini whoopee pies. All of these treats are individually packaged to remain discreet and make it easy to take along in your purse or pocket. Most packages have a total of 60-120 mg THC, since the edibles come in multi-packs.

Companies with Edibles

These cannabis edibles and others are found throughout dispensaries all over the United States. Dixie, Yilo, and Miss Mary Jane’s Edibles were all awarded honors by Edibles Magazine for various products in their line of edibles. As the demand to legalize marijuana grows, so does the demand for a low-key way to partake in this necessary medication. Check your local dispensary for more options and flavors as you enjoy cannabis edibles.

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