Dissociative Disorder Treatment Phoenix AZ

A patient who has symptoms that involve a sense of detachment from themselves frequently will require dissociative disorder treatment Phoenix AZ. These feelings typically include a sense of numbness and estrangement. Although such feelings can be difficult to describe, those with these disorders sometimes report a sensation of being in a dream and complete detachment from themselves. Quite often this will lead to increased levels of anxiety and depression.

Other signs include memory loss of specific time periods and a distorted perception of those around you. Sometimes sufferers have other manifestations which resemble other ailments. These include eating disorders, epilepsy, increased stress, mood swings and schizophrenia. Quite often the patient is misdiagnosed leading to ineffective treatments. Some are even diagnosed as being psychotic, and this condition will often lead to the person having a chaotic personal life.

Typically, the condition will develop as a coping mechanism for some type of trauma that the patient suffered in the past. For example, children who have been subjected to chronic emotional and physical abuse or a home environment which is highly unpredictable and frightening can be affected deeply later in life. This often leads to seeking dissociative disorder treatment Phoenix AZ in an attempt to figure out their problem and how to best deal with it.

Patients are often referred to psychiatrists, along with other mental health professionals to be evaluated further. The type of professional help that’s required is dependent upon the severity of each individual’s condition, and how long they have had it. In the professional mental health arena, psychotherapy is a primary remedy for these disorders, and usually the patient is encouraged to discuss any trauma which may be repressed in order to work through it.

Because personal identity is still forming in a person’s early years, children can also suffer with this condition. Many will observe dramatic events as if it’s happening to someone else, and children learning to disassociate for extended periods of time will often utilize the coping mechanism later in life to respond to a stressful situation.

Sometimes treatment methods provided by professional hospitals incorporate a faith-based approach. The concept of incorporating Biblically based principles into helping an individual who is struggling is not something new. In fact many ministries and even some professional mental health experts do not deny the potential positive outcomes appreciated by many who have trusted in Christ as the power source for their freedom from the inhibiting behaviors and mindsets mentioned above.

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