Do You Need an Orthopedic Doctor Near Birmingham, AL?

by | Sep 1, 2020 | Health

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People can be injured during a variety of activities, from extreme sports to a minor fall in the home. For many injuries involving bones, muscles, or joints, the best kind of physician to go to is an Orthopedic Doctor Near Birmingham, AL. Here are some of the common injuries that orthopedic doctors are able to help with.

Legs and Feet

Everyone relies on their legs and feet to carry them from one place to another. Legs and feet can get hurt due to an accident, especially when someone is involved in intense sporting activities. Strains in the hip or thigh happen fairly often and can be quite painful. Knees are an especially common part of the body to be injured, such as with a fracture or a dislocation. And at some point, pretty much everyone has a sprained ankle. By getting problems like these treated, walking will soon be easy once again.

Arms and Hands

Hands often have to hold onto heavy objects, and a hand or arm can also be damaged when trying to stop a fall. This could lead to a sprained wrist or a torn tendon. A related issue is a dislocated shoulder. Due to how much bending the elbow has to do, it can sometimes become injured during tennis or other repetitive activities. Everyone needs the use of their hands to open doors, drive a vehicle, and hold their phone, so treating any hand or arm issues should be a priority.

Other Possible Problems

Few injuries cause as much pain and discomfort as those in the neck or back. Just moving a small amount can make the pain worse. The neck could even be sprained. Lower back pain is a very common complaint, since lifting a heavy object in the wrong way can cause it, as can a fall. No matter the cause, quick treatment will help to address the problem.

Those with any of these injuries or similar ones should not put off getting treatment since the trouble is not likely to go away on its own and could become worse if not treated. Let an Orthopedic Doctor Near Birmingham, AL provide the needed help.

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