Don’t Put Off That Overdue Visit to the Bremerton Dental Clinic

There are probably as many reasons to put off going to the dentist as there are anxious would-be patients. There is the “I’m too busy” excuse, closely linked to “I’ll make an appointment soon”.  People who are more honest with themselves admit that “I’m afraid to go to the dentist”.  Money, or lack of money, is frequently used as a reason not to go.  All of these people are probably convinced that the visit would definitely be painful and frightening.

People who avoid going to the dentist usually don’t really know what dental treatment they might need.  Usually, they also think that the treatment (whatever it is) will be exorbitantly expensive and take many visits to complete.  What they really need is to find out how they could realistically receive needed care, how long it would take and about how much it would cost.

Older people experience additional challenges. Periodontal disease becomes more of a risk because of bone loss and receding gum tissue. Poorly fitting dentures combined with poor dental hygiene can result in inflamed tissue underneath the denture.  Various medicines and diseases can trigger an outbreak of Candida albicans in the mouth.  Many seniors have gum diseases which subsequently cause lost teeth.

Avoiding the dentist because of the conviction that all dental treatments are painful can be easily alleviated.  Sedation dentistry allows the patient’s experience to range from being minimally sedated (which is relaxed but still awake) to being put under general anesthesia and being completely unconscious.  Generally, the lowest level of sedation which makes the patient comfortable with the procedure is the best solution.