Easy Steps to Avoiding Back Injury

The physical therapy Lake Worth patients seek is often associated with back injury. Paying attention to the way you move and lift in your day-to-day life can help you avoid back injuries. Here are a few easy steps you can take to avoid back injury.

Work Station Adjustments

If you have a desk job you are in just as much danger of suffering from back pain as someone who might have a more physical job. Many people do not realize that poor posture in hand with a poor set up at their work station can put pressure and strain on their back and neck all day. When working at a desk job and using a computer all day you have to take a look at your workstation and make sure it is ergonomically correct. Here is a checklist you can use to assess your workstation:

  • * Your monitor: Make sure it is at eye level.
  • * Your keyboard: Ideally should be on a tray for easy reach
  • * Your chair: Because everyone is different you need an adjustable chair ideally with armrests. Proper lumbar support is also necessary. If you do not feel proper support in your lower back area you can purchase a support pillow or even use a rolled towel to place at the base of your back.

Take Breaks

Most people do not have proper support at their workstation. If you feel uncomfortable during the day take intermittent breaks for a brief walk around the office. Sitting all day places tremendous stress on your body and stretching will keep blood circulating as well as give your back and muscles a break. You can also do some stretching. You can do simple stretches by reaching for the air or touching your toes while seated. Also if you feel yourself slouching, sit up straight and if you feel tense relax your shoulders.

Lifting at Home or work

The physical therapy Lake Worth patients seek is often related to improper lifting. Follow these safe-lifting tips:

  • * Keep the object close to your body.
  • * Keep feet shoulder-width apart.
  • * Bend at the knees while tightening stomach muscles.
  • * Lift with your legs as you stand.

These day-to-day tips will help you avoid the physical therapy Lake Worth patients require for back injury.

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