Economical Knee Surgery In India

Knee surgery in India is one of the many surgeries that people from varies countries around the world are opting to have done. Indian hospitals offer affordable care, and high quality medical personnel and expertise at a much lower cost. Patients often choose to have the procedure done in India. Most of them report paying about a sixth of the going price. Many of the patients who decide to travel to India to have these kinds of surgeries are those who are under expensive managed care systems in their home countries. These medical systems can have extremely large out-of-pocket deductibles and many experience long wait times before surgeries can be performed.

Indian physicians are known the world over for their clinical expertise and experience. Many of the doctors have trained overseas, worked extensively, and then have chosen to return to India and share that experience in their homeland. Most of the Indian hospitals report having the very finest and up-to-date equipment that is used all over the industrialized world. High end MRI, 64 slice CT, Computer Navigation are just a few of the high quality instruments that are used. Hospitals use premium quality implants and prosthesis products that are imported from leading manufactures all over the world.

There are many options for knee surgery in India. Some people need to have their knees completely or partially replaced. Others come to have knee arthroscopic surgery done, while other people are looking to have an ACL reconstruction done. When opting to travel and have these surgeries done in India, the company that handles your arrangements will want your medical information and as much information about your knee condition as possible. X-rays, previous surgeries, your home doctor’s or orthopedic surgeon’s recommendations, and the current information about your knee is beneficial for the Indian doctors to look at and devise a treatment plan. Once you arrive in India, the surgeons will examine your knee and decide upon the best surgery strategy.

Most people who require a totally or partial replacement knee surgery in India are doing so because of debilitating pain and disability caused by arthritis and osteoarthritus problems, degenerative defects, torn ligaments, and cartilage defects. Much of the pain is caused when bone rubs on bone in the knee. The orthopedic surgeon will remove the damaged bone and cartilage with a plastic or metal prosthesis, which allows the patient to resume a normal active life style.

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