Effectiveness and Safety of Dementia Care in Fairfax

Apr 20, 22 Effectiveness and Safety of Dementia Care in Fairfax

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is a challenging experience for the person diagnosed with the ailment as well as for their family members and loved ones. Proper dementia care in Fairfax can be overwhelming, but with the proper information about the disease and knowing when more advanced care is needed can help make this tough journey less stressful. The more information that is known by the caregivers, the more likely they will be able to navigate the many options in long-term care best suited for their loved one.

Probably one of the hardest parts of dementia diseases, like Alzheimer’s, is being a family member and witnessing a loved one act in ways that are completely unexpected and out of character. This behavior can take on many forms and range from extreme violence to embarrassing inappropriate outburst, paranoia and hallucinations. Also, in dementia care, it is important to be quite attentive of the patient’s safety in the home as their memory is lost. Seemingly simple tasks like dressing, eating, and bathing become difficult and will eventually need to be assisted.

The general path of dementia and Alzheimer’s is to increasingly get worse as the memory and impulse control portions of the brains deteriorate. It it’s advanced stages, dementia and Alzheimer’s patients typically need around the clock care. There are several options for home care, including: in home help, adult day cares, and respite care.

In-home help are caregivers that can be hired to provide additional assistance to the person with dementia or Alzheimer’s. This type of help can range from a few hours a day to completely live-in help, depending on the needs of the family.

Adult day programs and adult day care generally offer services during weekdays and give caregivers a place to drop off their loved one for the day. These types of adult day cares provide many opportunities for the person with dementia, allowing them to socialize and participate in a variety of activities, in a safe, highly surveyed environment.

Every instance of dementia is different. Sometimes all that is needed is a little bit of additional help in the home, but in other cases, sometimes moving the person to a facility is the only option. If the safety and health of either family members or the person with dementia is being compromised, a facility for patients with dementia should be considered.

Dementia care is not a ‘one-fits all’ type of situation. It is important to evaluate all options and choose the care that is right for the patient and the family. Knowledge is power when it comes to dealing with the trying ailment of dementia if you are seeking for the perfect dementia care in Fairfax the please take your time and visit The Virginian Retirement Community now.