End-to-End HIM and RCM Healthcare Solutions

by | May 4, 2019 | Healthcare

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GeBBS Healthcare Solutions provides end-to-end revenue cycle management and health information solutions to companies that need a strategic outsourcing option.

HIM Solutions
GeBBS places resources with HCC and HIM experience into coding departments of healthcare providers. This helps companies manage increased responsibilities and create accurate and professional patient histories. Physician and facility reimbursements are part of the lifeblood of these organizations, so competent coders help ensure accuracy and completion of these requests. GeBBS’ portfolio of HIM solutions includes medical coding, coding validation audits, clinical documentation improvement, and E/M calculations.

Revenue Cycle Management
The private healthcare industry handles a massive $900 billion in medical billings. Timely and accurate processing ensures that healthcare providers maintain their revenue streams. GeBBS’ revenue cycle management solutions are tailored to clients’ specific needs and systems, and efficient workflow processes ensure that accuracy and speed aren’t sacrificed. GeBBS’ portfolio of RCM solutions includes A/R management, end-to-end RCM solutions, credit balance resolution, denial management, and extended business office.

Patient Contact and other Solutions
With patient liability and debt on the rise, healthcare providers are pressured more than ever to ensure their patients have the option to pay through the web, at point of service, payment plans, and more. GeBBS has patient access infrastructure that keeps revenue streams fluid. PCS solutions include scheduling, eligibility verification, and pre-authorization; patient call center; and self-pay collections. Other important services the company offers include value-based care and risk adjustment solutions that rounding out the end-to-end RCM and HIM offerings available.

GeBBS capabilities allows services to be rendered from virtually anywhere in the world. The offshore medical coding operation saves clients on many costs without sacrificing quality. GeBBS‘ professional virtual training and support resources ensure that onshore and offshore medical coding professionals have access to the same training and knowledge bases critical to all GeBBS clients.

For more information on Offshore Medical Coding, contact Gebbs Healthcare Solutions through their website today.

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