Eyelash Extensions 101: What You Need to Know About Beautiful Lashes

Mar 14, 22 Eyelash Extensions 101: What You Need to Know About Beautiful Lashes

Looking for lash extensions in Philadelphia? There are a handful of things you should know. Therefore, if you’ve always wanted showstopping and voluminous lashes, continue reading. Consider this your crash course.

There are Different Types

Consider the fact that there are different types of materials of extensions. For instance, there are silk, cashmere, and faux mink options to consider for your lashes. Some materials may irritate your eyes, while others may feel more comfortable. Talk with your technician about your options.

There Are Different Styles to Consider

Moving from materials, there are also several styles to consider. You can go full glam if you have a wedding or special event coming up. You can also pick a more subtle style for everyday wear. Natural lashes may also feel more comfortable on your eyes too.

The Safety Factor

There’s also the factor of safety! You want to ensure your eyes are comfy. Many people stay away from getting beautiful extensions because of this. However, not to worry! Eyelash extensions are safe. They are also not permanent and are a good option if you want a temporary and glamorous look.

Taking Care of Your Extensions

Go easy on the eye makeup to take care of your extensions. On the bright side? You won’t need much with your eyelash extensions.

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