Find The Best Team Of Vets In Chicago For Your Pet

by | Aug 10, 2021 | Animal Hospitals

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Having a pet is a huge responsibility, whether it’s a rowdy puppy or a more independent kitten. As a new parent to a furry family member, it falls on you to make sure your little friend is taken care of. He depends on you for both basic and advanced needs, including food, water, shelter, toys, love, and of course medical care when it is needed. Looking through the listing for vets in Chicago may give you a bunch of results, but there is only one that offers extended daily hours, complete emergency services, and a full line of treatments for your companion.

From the Teeth to the Tail

Many pet owners want their four-legged friends to be healthy from the inside out which includes routine dental care. Not only does this help improve their breath, but it can prevent additional illnesses from starting under the gums or in the jaw bone. Studies have shown that 80% of dogs and cats over the age of 3 years have a dental disease, and bad breath can be the number one sign that something is wrong. If left untreated, minor dental issues can turn into major problems, creating extreme pain as well as difficulty eating. Routine dental care can help prevent these issues, but dental surgery can help remedy existing problems. Don’t overlook the rest of the body! Regular check-ups can be a great way to build a relationship with the vets in Chicago and find the one your pet likes the best. Finding any issue before it becomes a problem can not only save your pet lots of pain and stress, but can help save you money as well. Advanced medical treatment is not cheap, so it’s always best to catch any issues well in advance.

Hospital Stays and Advanced Services

Unfortunately, not every visit to the veterinarian is so simple. Sometimes your pet may need to stay in the hospital and receive advanced care. This can include critical care, cardiac surgery, oxygen therapy, and more. When you can’t take your friend home that day, you can rest assured knowing he is in the best place for his health and may soon be joining you again on the couch while you watch your favorite television show. If it makes you and your pet feel better, you can always ask if you can leave a favorite toy or blanket with him so he feels more comfortable.

From basic treatments to emergency and advanced care, Urban PetRx has some of the best vets in Chicago ready to make your companion feel better fast!

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