Finding the Best Solutions for Sharps Safety

Jan 13, 23 Finding the Best Solutions for Sharps Safety

You accept specific risks associated with your procedures every time you enter the operating room. While many of these risks belong to the patient, others can impact you and your surgical team. Sharps safety is one of the most crucial elements of keeping everyone healthy, including the medical team. The following products can improve safety levels.

Robotic and Laparoscopic Closure Systems

The most dangerous time of any operation is during closure. As you place sutures, needles are often passed back and forth, amplifying the risk of accidental needle sticks. You can eliminate the back and forth during robotic and laparoscopic procedures and ensure sharps safety. Closure systems offer fast, simple delivery and require minimal insertion depth to provide accurate closures that heal well. These closure systems minimize needle handling and protect the surgeon and the support team.

Needle Traps

Needle traps safely and securely store suture needles during the procedure to ensure easy access and reduce the need to pass needles back and forth. One side of the traps contains new needles, pre-threaded for each suture. After using the needle, the other side of the trap consists of a disposal unit that secures used needles while keeping them out of the way. These traps can mount to the surgical drape, a wrist strap, or a barrier kit.

Barrier Kits

Barrier kits are a sharps safety device designed to be worn by the surgeon to provide easy access to suture needles. These kits include a needle trap with ergonomic positioning to streamline the closure process. The scrub tech no longer has to worry about passing new needles to the surgeon, receiving used needles, and completing a needle count at the end of the procedure.

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