Furnishing Your Independent Living Apartment for Form and Function

Jul 21, 14 Furnishing Your Independent Living Apartment for Form and Function

5787686_lIf you are moving into an independent living facility, the first thing that you might want to do is decorate your apartment.  Making your space cozy is a necessity.  Here are a few things to take into consideration when making your decorating choices.

Infusing the right color throughout your apartment is absolutely necessary.  Color plays such an important part with the way a room makes you feel.  It is important to choose colors that make you feel good inside and out.  Further, select colors that you would not mind seeing on a daily basis.  Neutral colors fused with warm colors may prove to be exceedingly helpful in setting the tone in your new home.

Are you a traditionalist or more of a modern type when it comes to your home décor?  Are you into space saving options or more of a classic wood and rustic furniture type of person?  These are questions that are worthy of consideration especially when designing the perfect look for your new home.  Some people may opt for a futuristic décor, while others may be into a more cultural look where furnishings are infused with various elements from a particular nationality, such as Italian.  Remember to factor in upholstery and curtains into the overall design scheme of the apartment.

Accessibility Options
You will want to be realistic when it comes to accessibility.  Consider any disabilities you may be dealing with and decide on your available practical options.  For example, depending on your physical condition, you may want to have a safety bar or small banister installed in the shower.  Additionally, consider having your lights set on a sensor so that they go on upon entry into the room.  Another idea to consider is to have the furniture spaced in such a way that there is a clear path of entry and exit throughout all of the major rooms in the apartment.  Consider having bedside tables in the bedroom and comfortable furniture items (i.e. plush, reclining chairs and a cordless telephone that can be recharged on a charger in any of your rooms.  Furthermore, having tissues, pens, wipes, and wastepaper baskets in each room can be helpful.