Get In Touch with the Best Plastic Surgeons

Nov 02, 21 Get In Touch with the Best Plastic Surgeons

When most people in Chicago think of plastic surgery, they think of celebrities that go under the knife too frequently and come out looking completely different. While this is possible and some people enjoy it, there are ways to come away from these surgeries without looking strange. Many times, you still look normal, but just a little more so. Plastic surgery in Chicago at Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery, S.C. (NSPS) gives you the best surgeries one can get.

Breast Augmentation/Reduction/Lift

Whether you want larger breasts, smaller ones, or a simple lift to make them look youthful and perky again, you can do so. Many women find that the one thing they’d change about their body is their breasts, because they may be misshapen, flat, or sagging after the ravages of time and childbirth.


If you notice a tummy pooch or jiggly thighs, you may think there’s nothing you can do. However, liposuction is an excellent way to suck out any extra fat so that you like the way you look. While not a suitable option for weight loss, it can help you lose those love handles.


Your age has a lot to do with your face. When skin loses elasticity, you may notice more folds around the neck or sagging skin, making you look distorted, old, and tired. However, a facelift can tighten and lift the face, even removing excess skin so that you look like your real self.


The vaginal area is a very personal place for most women, and it can look stretched or otherwise unappealing. If you’ve given birth, you or your partner has likely noticed a difference, which can be fixed with a labiaplasty. Both inner and outer labia can be altered.


For those pesky wrinkles and lines on the face, Botox could be what the doctor ordered. It can seem scary to consider this injection of chemicals, as many celebrities have multiple horror stories to tell. However, if done properly, it can reduce the look of wrinkles and leave your face looking fresh and radiant.

Arm Lift

Most women dislike their upper arms because it doesn’t matter how much strength training they do, this part never firms up properly. If you have noticed this and dislike wearing tank tops, you may want to consider an upper arm lift, which can include liposuction and removing excess skin.

Butt Lift

While it may seem strange to consider, many women wish their backside were tighter, firmer, rounder or just lifted. This procedure may include receiving implants or removing some of the skin/fat.

Plastic surgery in Chicago can be a healthy and rewarding experience if you consider the right surgeon and the right procedure. Visit Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery, S.C. (NSPS) today.